Promoting an interest in the history of Owain Glyndwr, the Welsh Son of Prophecy, his life, times and society and his great Welsh War of Independence;also promoting causes today in Glyndwr's spirit and promoting the flying of the Glyndwr flag on Sept 16 Glyndwr Day.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

BANER GLYNDŴR is our one and only true National Flag.......

......that is, as far as true Welsh Nationalists should be concerned!
 We at Embassy Glyndŵr work towards - and would hope that the day will arrive when other Welsh patriots will come to agree and accept such as the flag for an Independant Welsh Nation - a restored Cenedl Glyndŵr - Cymru Rydd which will have its SENEDD CENEDL GLYNDŴR - CYMRU RYDD restored at Machynleth - our new capital.  But, as it stands, there are many Welsh patriots and nationalists out there who prefer to live in a Wales that has 'Y Ddraig Goch' as it's national flag and as justification for this, they come up with the most banal reasons why, such as, for example:

 "that the world recognises Y Ddraig Goch flag" or, "That we have had this flag for centuries and we cannot go changing it now".

why not? South Africa did, being one of many countries who has invented and/or have changed their flags within our life time, so why not Wales?
The present Red Dragon flag, based on the Tudor Banerette (originally complete with a Cross of St George - as flown at the Battle of Bosworth in 1485) was lost to history until reinvented by Lloyd George for the 1911 investiture - and then, only officially recognised, by the English Queen in respect to her coronation in 1953. The Tudors took to using the Red Dragon (Roman in origin) and the addition of green and white by Henry Tudor and later by Lloyd George, are not the colours of the leek, but actually represents the livery of Katherine of Valois, Henry Tudor's Grandmother (see In Search of Wales 1932, Morton)

Also note, most dragons up to then used by the Scots, Saxons and Normans, as well as the Welsh, were Golden Dragons not Red. 
Henry Tudor, by the way, was only one quarter Welsh, so lets not get too stuck on him as a ''Welsh Patriot'' doing us any big favours! He merely used us to pursue his own dynastic ends of becoming King of England with 'United Kingdom' ambitions. Much of what we Welsh read about Henry Tudor was pro Tudor propaganda; it was then, and still is today. Most books written by English historians on Henry Tudor and Tudors thereafter, play down the Welsh angle and contribution. It's only the 'taffies' who play up to the Tudor history and much of that in any Welsh connection is loaded with lies.

let us remind ourselves of the fact that Henry was the son of Owen ap Maredudd ap Tudur whose  father had fought for Owain Glyndŵr.  Owen ap Maredudd had taken to using his grandfather's surname rather than that of his rebel father and had wasted no time in anglicising the name from 'Tudur'  to 'Tudor' to get on in the English Royal Court, so no, really I do not want to be associated with a Red Dragon flag that is associated with that 'bradwyr' brood that annexed our Country to England and did much else of a hateful and detestable nature -  and espcially so today, as it has become more associated with the Welsh Regiments of the British Army than it is as a national flag for patriots to struggle under for Welsh Freedom so, it is pretty meaningless to say the least.
As for the tradition of 'the wearing of the leek', how much of that is based on truth in regards to Dewi Sant  instructing the Welsh  to wear leeks in their caps at battles so that they could recognise each other, is also very doubtful as there is another Welsh version that concerns King Cadwallon ap Cadfan? and, again, Morton in his book states that there is no mention of leeks before the time of Shakespeare.  And as for the Leek and the Welsh and the Shakespeare connection, look up what this English Tudor propagandist has to say, I quote from Henry V:

 "The Welshmen did goot service(at Crecy) in a garden where leeks did grow".

 Then, of course, there's the Azincourt connection of 'leek wearing taffies' fighting for the English crown so by the time the Tudor dynasty came along, we find that dynasty nurturing this 'so called' tradition as a 'safe' outlet for Welsh nationalism in a very passive patriotism.  A heavy dose of Cultural nationalism was invented and added to this 'passive expression of patriotism' during the 19th century as a means of subduing the growing radical republican romanticism of the likes of Iolo Morgannwg. Thus today, one will find the Red Dragon flag and Tudor/Shakespeare Leek, along with Lloyd Georges's 1911 Investiture Daffodil much identified with the 'Taffies'of Cambrian cultural nationalism - as well as with the British Army  who, since the days of the wars with the Americans and Irish, have adopted 'Dydd Dewi' and 'Leek eating' to prove their protestant loyalty to the British Monarchy.
As for Dydd Gŵyl Dewi, do note that it was Henry V who declared 'Dydd Dewi' as a day worthy of celebration in respect to the 'treacherous Taffs' who fought for him at Azincourt 1415. Then, as already stated, the  English propagandist Shakespeare made much of it but, Dydd Gŵyl Dewi did not really take off until the 18th and, in particular, the 19th century - encouraged by Victorian Cambrian Capitalist Wales to counter all the Catholic Corpus Christi Processions and celebration of St Patrick Day - particularly in the Anglicised towns of the Southern Coastal belt. I doubt if there is, today, any overt focusing on St David's Day with some kind of Welsh Christian political message - even though the Welsh Christian Party has adopted the Dewi Sant flag  over and above the Pagan Dragon. However, I just wonder how long it will take before such as the BNP or Welsh Defence League adopts this yellow cross flag as an anti - Islam icon? Prior to 1920, the Dewi Sant Yellow Cross was identified with the Anglican Church in Wales, then, post 1922 and dis-establishment, it became used more and more  by the  Protestant Church in Wales. But, it was not until recent times that the Dewi Sant flag was 'masterminded' (along with the Welsh Kilt) for more popular use by John Wake, ex CID and now,  'self styled'  Mr Welsh Tourism - and don't forget, this was the man that tried to have the 'union rag' put on the corner of the Tudor Red Dragon Flag! At least he was honest in showing his colours...a true 'Brit'!

Thus this is why St David's Day, in a way, is as 'BRIT' as it comes - and so favourable still with 'Leek Eating' Welsh Soldiers of the British Army - of whom you will see plenty of in Caerdydd this coming Monday - St David's Day 2010. Then of course there is this annual St David's Day parade promoted by Cambria Magazine, interesting how the organisers of this event (supposedly nationalists) make such a big play on use of the Anglican Yellow Cross of St David (Celtic Cross would be more appropriate, don't you think?) and the Tudor and Investiture Red Dragon Flag but choose not to, similarly promote Baner Glyndŵr, a true National Welsh Flag and one that is historically attested to and which is more appropriate as a means of representing Welsh National aspirations.
Which brings us to Dafydd Elis Thomas WAG presiding officer, he's made it very obvious that he hates Baner Glyndŵr, despite having accepted a gigantic embroidered one from Embassy Glyndŵr in 2001 to fly at the Assembly on 16 Medi annually! Dr Gwynfor Evans was the Honorary President of Embassy Glyndŵr at this time but he was, of course, very frail so his son, Alcwyn ap Gwynfor, presented  the Baner Glyndŵr in question to the Assembly on his behalf. Dafydd Elis Thomas accepted it on behalf of the assembly and in his speech vowed to see that the flag was flown annually and treasured! I have it all on film Mr Thomas!

I witnessed Dafydd Elis Thomas stating on a recent 'Pawb a'i Farn' programme on S4C  that he dislikes Baner Glyndŵr and would prefer to see the more passive Lions of Llywelyn III/ Gwynedd being flown as the official flag of Wales - and that he would be making moves to see such fulfilled!  
He's entitled to his opinion of course - regardless of breaking the vow made to Embassy Glyndŵr to 'treasure' the presented flag and the lack of respect shown to Gwynfor, who loved the Glyndŵr flag, and Alcwyn who kindly came to the ceremony to do the honours on behalf of his father but, I would remind Dafydd Elis Thomas before he calls for the return of Baner Llywelyn to be officially flown, that he remembers that Baner Llywelyn/Gwynedd only recognises the status quo of thirteenth century Wales - Pura Wallia and not the whole of Wales - and Independence for the whole of Wales as the Glyndŵr flag does. Also, as he well knows, the Llywelyn/Gwynedd flag has been taken - along with the title 'Prince of Wales' by the English Royalty and is now 'tainted' as the English Crown has been placed on it, although, no doubt, Dafydd Elis Thomas would be delighted to see it flying in Wales as it is so that he can display to the English royalty what a loyal grovelling little taff he is.

 I think it would be more fitting to the aspirations of Plaid for Independence if Dafydd Elis Thomas calls upon the English Crown to officially take their crown off the Llywelyn/Gwynedd flag. Further I would suggest to him that he gets off his  grovelling knees and campaigns that the 'Black Exhibition' on the English Princes of Wales and their Investitures at Caernarfon Castle  be done away with and replaced by an exhibition on the native Princes of Wales  and that this should be done prior to 2011 - the 100th Anniversary of the 1911 - First Investiture held in the Royal Borough of Caernarfon.
The truth, of course, is that Dafydd Elis Thomas  has a downer on Baner Glyndŵr as he cannot bear what it stands for ANNIBYNIAETH. He just loves to grovel to the English Royalty and is embarrassed in their company by the sight of Baner Glyndŵr flying as it is now throughout Wales. So, let's embarras him further...MUCH FURTHER. Let;s make sure that the English Royalty get the message loud and clear. THIS IS CENEDL GLYNDŴR - CENEDL CYMRU RYDD AND WE HAVE OUR OWN FLAG...GLYNDŴR'S FLAG. YOU ARE NOT WELCOME HERE SO GET OUT OF CYMRU AND TAKE YOUR GROVELLING TAFFS WITH YOU! 

If you have not got a Glyndwr flag yet, why not? All Welsh shops have them but, if you can't find one in your locality possibly because there's no Welsh shop there, contact me and I'll gladly sell you as many as you like. 5'X3' flags are £6.99 plus pxp but, the good news is that I can get REALLY LARGE 5'x8' flags now but, I have to order at least 500 so, state your interest in buying one of those in the first instance. They will be £15.99 each if i get enough orders so order yours - you may wish to donate one to fly at a pub or school in your community?.

Consider this as an escalation of the 'Flying the Glyndŵr Flag' campaign. These big flags should really make a statement  GLYNDŴR IS HERE TO STAY! One thing I did agree with Dafydd Elis Thomas was that he stated he couldn't understand why Cadw was flying thir own flags on all the castles and other buildings in their keeping. Well, I will wholeheartedly agree with that and many thanks Dafydd for pointing it out to me. Why indeed, those castles and other buildings do not belong to Cadw, they belong to the nation and the nation belongs to the people so, it should be the people's flag that should be flown and the peoples flag is the Baner Glyndŵr - the flag of Independence - the flag of Cenedl Glyndwr - Cymru Rydd so, I will now ask  everyone who reads this blog to write to Marilyn Lewis, the Director of Cadw and to Alun Ffred Jones, the Minister of Heritage to demand that Cadw flies the Glyndŵr flag on all the castles and other buildings under their custodianship. Point out that those buildings belong to the Welsh nation and as a citizen of this nation, you wish to see the Glyndŵr flag flown rather than their department flag because, at the end of the day, they are only one department of the Welsh Assembly and in office to serve the nation and its citizens. If they throw up the usual old chestnut that they have no flag pole on a castle or building, tell them they can take their Cadw flag down and use that one. Let's really go for this so, please, bombard and bury both Cadw and the Heritage Minister with your letters. If they refuse, next step will be to organise a demo on their doorstep - preferably on the day of an English royal visit! 

 C'mon, lets now make more of Baneri Glyndŵr than we've ever done before. I've requested in many blogs that they be flown ar rygby matches - especially the Six Nations but not many people have obliged. Please, please, please wave them wherever you can and especially on the annual Gŵyl Dydd Dewi Day parade in Caerdydd. Actually, they should be at the fore of this parade in abundance but havent been to date. Why not? We know now that this is the REAL national flag of Wales, the oldest flag representing Welsh resistance and Independence and should lead any parade in Wales rather than an Anglican Cross and an English Tudor and Lloyd George invention. Write to Gareth Westacott, the National Director of the Gŵyl Dydd Dewi Parade in Caerdydd and demand that the Glyndŵr flag is flown at the fore of the parade.  Pobl Glyndŵr get out there waving 100's of Baneri Glyndŵr - especially to the fore of the parade. Make sure you surround Dafydd Elis Thomas with as many as possible, let him know that you are one of the Pobl Glyndŵr, determined to give his flag its rightful status and to have Senedd Cenedl Cymru Rydd restored.
Can i Gymru/ Song for Wales is on tomorrow night (Sunday 28th Feb) on S4C. one of the songs being entered is on Glyndŵr. Please watch the show and vote for this song. Diolch.

Sian Ifan

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Neges dwyieithog : Bilingual Posting

Dyma'r newyddion mwyaf cyffrous yn hanes rygbi Cymru ers ei gychwyn yn ein tyb ni. Enw newydd carfan Rygbi Gogledd Cymru yw RGC 1404. Does dim rhaid dweud wrth neb sy'n darllen y blog yma beth yw'r cysylltiad Glyndwraidd yn hyn o beth ond mae'n amlwg fod y garfan am alw ar 'ysbryd Glyndŵr' i'w harwain yn ystod eu brwydrau ar y maes.

Yn ogystal a mabwysiadu'r flwyddyn ôll bwysig yma yn hanes Glyndŵr, cyfnod pryd welwyd Cymru yn ôl yn nwylo'r Cymru wedi i Glyndŵr a'i fyddinoedd ennill un brwydr ar ôl y llall, mae RGC 1404 wedi mabwysiadu baner rhyfela'r tywysog (Y Ddraig aur) fel bathodyn a fydd ar eu crysau yn ogystal ac ar eu baneri ac ar bob math arall o nwyddau a fydd ar werth i gefnogwyr y garfan.

Am wneud hyn maent yn haeddu pob cefnogaeth gan wladgarwyr Cymreig sy'n byw mewn rhannau eraill o'r byd yn ogystal ac yng Nghymru. Gweler safle gwe'r garfan sydd yn llawn gwybodaeth diddorol ac yn cynnwys amserlen llawn o'r gemau sy'n dod i fynu - ac mae llu ohonynt i gymryd lle ar hyd a lled y wlad a thu hwnt!  http://www.gogleddcymru.blogspot.com/

Yn ogystal, gellir lawrlwytho ffurflen ymaelodi fel 'aelod cydweithredol' o'r garfan o'r wefan uchod. £5 yn unig yw'r pris ymaelodi. Felly, dangoswch eich cefnogaeth, drwy ymaelodi a thrwy fynd i'r gemau pryd bynnag mae hynny'n bosibl. Prynwch nwyddau'r garfan a dewch i ni weld môr o faneri Glyndŵr a rwan, y ddraig aur, yn y gemau. Dyma gyfle gwych i ni ddangos i'r byd bod 'ysbryd Glyndŵr' yn fyw ac yn iach yng Nghymru o hyd. Gwnewch hynny drwy fynegi eich cefnogaeth i  RGC 1404, byddin newydd Glyndŵr, a sicrhau eu bod yn ennill un fuddugoliaeth ar ôl y llall.

Mae Llysgenhadaeth Glyndŵr yn ffyddiog y byddai buddugoliaethau lu ar y meysydd chwarae yn gyfraniad pwysig i'r gwaith o hybu balchder, hyder ac hunaniaeth cenedlaethol y genedl. Mae angen adfer yr elfennau yma cyn inni fod ag unrhyw obaith o enill llwyr annibyniaeth i reoli ein hunain. Felly dewch i ni gyd wneud ein rhan. Dangoswch eich cefnogaeth yn glir i ymdrechion RGC 1404 ac i ANNIBYNIAETH! Yr un yw'r frwydr, meddyliwch amdano!

The North Wales Rugby Squad has, very shrewdly I may add, adopted 1404, the year that Owain Glyndŵr was crowned Prince of Cymru and established the Welsh Parliament at Machynlleth, into their new name. In our opinion, this is the most exiting news in the history of Welsh rugby and its obvious from this move that the squad have wisely realised that the 'spirit of Glyndŵr' is greatly needed to guide Welsh rugby during forthcoming battles in the field in the years to come.

What better inspiration is there to be found than Glyndŵr, the greatest of all the Cymric warrior leaders who had led Cymru to war against a much mightier force and, to all extent and purposes, had won back Cymru for the Cymry after over 100 yrs of conquest.

RGC 1404 has also adopted the 'Golden Dragon' (which was, as we all know, the symbol on Glyndŵr's battle flag) as their logo. What better inspiration for Welsh rugby that the 'battle symbol' of this charismatic multi dimensional extraordinary Welsh leader who, unlike his predecessors, was never betrayed but mysteriously dissapeared into the midst of time leaving behind him the hope in all true Cymric hearts that he would, one day, return to lead the continuing struggle for Cymric freedom.

This 'battle logo' will now be on RGC 1404's shirts, flags and all other merchandise and Embassy Glyndŵr now calls on all Cymric patriots, home and abroad, to rally to the support of the squad. Visit their web blog at http://www.gogleddcymru.blogspot.com/  Its loaded with interesting information - including their schedule for the season.

It is also possible to download a form from this blog so that you can join the RGC 1404 cooperative. Its only £5 to join - which gives you a vote so, do download the form and join and, of most importance, show the support to the squad by supporting them at games and by wearing their merchandise and by the flying of the flag.

Here's a great opportunity for us to show the world that the 'spirit of Glyndŵr' is still alive and gaining in strength in Cymru. Show this by expressing your support loud and clear for Glyndŵr's new army RGC 1404. Let's enspire them to win victory following victory by your show of support.

Embassy Glyndŵr confidently believes that on going victories on the playing fields can contribute greatly to the task of building pride, confidence and a national identity, and we believe that there's a great need to restore these elements in Cymru before we van hope to win complete independence and self rule. So, if you believe like us, let us all rally behind RGC 1404. Possibly, this could be the rallying call that Glyndŵr has been waiting for for so long. Think about it.

Mwy o newyddion da! Mae'r llyfr ardderchog yma gan y diweddar R. R Davies ar gael yn Saesneg erbyn hyn ac fel y gwyr pawb sydd wedi darllen y fersiwn Gymraeg, mae'r awdur, yn amlwg, wedi llwyddo i fynd dan croen ein prif arwr cenedlaethol ac wedi dod i'w adnabod, ei ddeall a'i barchu gyda'r parch mwyaf fel gwladweinydd a rhyfelwr craff a medrus ac fel Cymro ddigyfaddawd. Dyma gyfle gwych rwan i eraill drwy'r byd ddod i adnabod Glyndŵr yn yr un modd. 
Gerald Morgan sydd yn gyfrifol am y cyfeithiad a gellir prynu'r llyfr o'r Y Lolfa, Talybont, Ceredigion, Cymru SY24 5AP. e-bost: ylolfa@ylolfa.com. Ffôn: 01970 832304. 

More Good News! This excellent book by the late Professor R.R. Davies on Owain Glyndŵr has now been translated into English and as eveyone who's read the Welsh version knows, the author has, clearly, managed to get under the skin of our national hero and has come to know, understand and respect him with the greatest of  respect as a shrewd politician, an accomplished warrior and an uncomprimising Cymro. Here's a great opportunity for others throughout the world to come to know Owain Glyndŵr in the same way.
This translation was carried out by Gerald Morgan and the book can be purchased from Y Lolfa, Talybont, Ceredigion, Cymru SY24 5AP. e-mail: ylolfa@ylolfa.com Tel: 01970 832304.

Gorymdaith Yr Hop V111 : Sul 21 Chwefror.
Dewch i ddathlu'r achlysur bu i Owain Glyndŵr a'i fyddin ryddhau tref Yr Hop ar Chwefror 22, 1403.
Ymgynnull ger Neuadd Eglwys Hop am 11.30am cyn gorymdeithio i gastell Caergwrle. Fel arfer, cofiwch ddod a digonedd o faneri Glyndŵr.
Cysylltwch a Balchder Cymru ar y rhif symudol 07957173262 am mwy o wybodaeth.

Hope V111 Parade - Sun 21st Feb. 11.30am.
 Come and celebrate the event of Owain Glyndŵr and his army freeing the town of Hope on 22 Feb 1403.
Meet at Hope Church Hall at 11.30am for the parade to Caergwrle castle. As usual, bring plenty of Glyndŵr flags. More info from Balchder Cymru on (m) 07957173262
Llun: Gorymdaith Yr Hop llynedd/Pic: Last Hope Parade.