Promoting an interest in the history of Owain Glyndwr, the Welsh Son of Prophecy, his life, times and society and his great Welsh War of Independence;also promoting causes today in Glyndwr's spirit and promoting the flying of the Glyndwr flag on Sept 16 Glyndwr Day.

Friday, September 22, 2006



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Pic: S.Ifan (c) Visions Glyndŵr, depics ''Owain Glyndŵr'' riding through Ruthin for the 600th anniversary of the attack on that town on 18 Medi 1400. During the days prior to this attack Owain Glyndŵr had been gathing an army at Caerdrewyn. Would it not be a great and glorious thing if ''Owain Glyndŵr'' was once more to ride through Corwen up Mynydd y Gaer to, once more, meet with his army at Caerdrewyn, not impossible just read on....

Coffâd 16 Medi 1400: Penwythnos 15 – 16 Medi 2007
Dathlu Prifwyl Dydd Owain Glyndŵr, Corwen – Dyffryn Dyfrdwy.
Pic: Siân Ifan (c) Visions Glyndŵr. At foot of pathway up Mynydd y Gaer to Caerdrewyn, this is the shorter but up hill pathway. If we are to march up with a ''Byddin Glyndŵr'' of 1000 Pobl Glyndŵr and other patriots to raise 1000 'Baneri Glyndŵr' we shall take the longer more gradual route which would also be more suitable for a horse?

Our provisional plans contain a number of ideas which we are in the process of developing chief of which will be a re-launching of an annual walk up ‘Mynydd y Gaer’ to hold a great gathering – Patriotic rally within the ramparts of ‘Caer Drewyn’. We have in mind to enthuse patriots with a ‘Galwad Glyndŵr’ (the call of Glyndŵr) which seeks to bring 1000 Pobl Glyndŵr and other patriots to Corwen to participate in this significant event to see 1000 Baneri Glyndŵr raised within and along the ramparts of Caerdrewyn. We will need your active help if this important initiative is to become a reality so, if interested in participating and being counted as one of the 1000 or/and in supporting or assisting by other means, contact Siân ASAP.

Pic: (C) Siân Ifan Visions Glyndŵr: Half way up Mynydd y Gaer and quite close to the outer ramparts.

Galwad Glyndŵr:
1000 Pobl Glyndŵr with 1000 Baneri Glyndŵr called to Caerdrewyn on 16 Medi 2007.

Pic: Sian Ifan(c)Visions Glyndŵr: Making the 'Galwad Glyndŵr' at Mynydd y Gaer (Unity Mountain) 2006 for a great patriotic gathering at Caerdrewyn on 16 Medi 2007.

Galwad Glyndŵr - Initiative Introduction.

Such is very possible if we all set our minds and bodies to making it possible. As the saying goes, “Where there is a will, there’s a way” So, do not just think about it and then leave it to a few others this time, get ready to be there on SUNDAY 16 SEPTEMBER 2007 and be counted!
Pic: Sian Ifan (c) Visions Glyndŵr. Four 'Baneri Glyndŵr' only another 996 needed at and around the ramparts of Caerdrewyn on 18 Medi 2007. If achieved, what a sight and what a message it would send to the world. "Yes! we're still here" and we still want that Independance Owain Glyndŵr and his followers fought for so many years ago. THE DREAM SURVIVES THE AGES! so, are you going to help this dream of ours come true? Make it Happen!!!

Historically, 2007, as the anniversary of the year 1407 is a very depressing year to commemorate, for in 1407, the tide turns against Owain Glyndŵr as the English mount major military offences by land and sea. 1407 is remembered as not only the year in which many areas surrender to the English but also the great Glyndŵr bastions of Cestyll Aberystwyth and Harlech are put to siege. We shall of course commemorate these events but they will hardly be celebrations. So, despite what history has determined as the year it all started to go down hill, let us on Sunday 16 Medi 2007 walk up hill to Caerdrewyn and rise up those 1000 Baneri Glyndŵr in defiance. WE ARE STILL HERE! C'mon we can do it! we are not asking patriots to cross the Alps with elephants and if COFIWN enthused 3000 patriots to the 1982 Cilmeri rally and march around Builth, then, surely, Embassy Glyndŵr can lead an enthusiastic way forward to encourage you to make the journey to Corwen in Mis Medi 2007 for a major Glyndŵr festival over a long weekend of 14 - 18 September with, on the 16 Medi 2007, that walk of 1000 Pobl Glyndŵr and other patriots up Mynedd y Gaer, each to rise up their baner Glyndŵr within and upon the ramparts of Caerdrewyn. Will you make the effort this time? The success of this ‘show of defiance’ depends on all of you to show how deep beneath your skin your patriotism is? in the first instance, we would appreciate hearing from anyone who is keen on this initiative and would help organise it and other events we have in mind to organise on 14 and 15 Medi 2006 at Pentre Glyndyfrdwy, Corwen and elsewhere between 17 - 18 Medi 2007.
Pic: Siân Ifan (c) Visions Glyndŵr, shows Carn Rhyddid 18 Medi 1400 set up by COFIWN in the 70's. Remember bring a stone from your community to add to a new 'Carn Rhyddid' on 18 Medi 2007.

HOW YOU CAN IMMEDIATELY HELP TO GET THIS EXITING INIATIVE ROLLING: Make note of all these dates and where possible, mention these brief details of the intended initiative in your web logs, web sites and in forums with the cry of ‘Galwad Glyndŵr’: All roads lead to Corwen in Mis Medi 2007 in a massive mobilisation for a march from Corwen to Caerdrewyn.
Illustrated, the two ways up Mynydd y Gaer to Caerdrewyn, for full information search web for Denbighshire walks and request brochure entitled 'Three Corwen walks'.

N.B. For those of you who do not know: there is a roadway to the summit of Caer Drewyn. it is slightly longer than the sheep track but (taking families into consideration) its the easiest and maybe most scenic way to the top so, spread the word …
Glyndŵr calls!

Siân Ifan.

Prif Weithredwr Llysgenhadaeth Glyndŵr.
'Juratus Oweyn'.

Thursday, September 21, 2006


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Llysgenhadaeth Glyndŵr/Embassy Glyndŵr
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To commemorate
28 MAY 1354, Owain Glyndŵr’s Birthday, activities to be held throughout Wales for our ANTUR ELUSEN GLYNDŴR. Please note an article will be posted soon with further information on this.

Commemorating 21 MEHEFIN 1404 We shall continue our on going attempts to get a major mid - summer 'Dydd y Senedd' 21 Mehefin 1400 Prif Gŵyl Tywysog Owain Glyndŵr up and running annually at Machynlleth on this weekend following the longest day of the year to Commemorate ‘Dydd y Senedd’ and to celebrate ‘Dydd y Coroni.’. See posting in near future titled ‘Teyrnas Glyndŵr – Glyndŵr Heritage living History’.

Pic: Siân Ifan (c) Visions Glyndŵr, shows two Warrior Women members of 'Teyrnas Glyndŵr' carrying 'Baneri Glyndŵr' at this years SGF 'Gŵyl Glyndŵr Abercraf. Wanted, medieval re - enactors, enthusiasts and ''weekend warriors'' prepared to ''go back in time'' to relive the life, times and society of Owain Glyndŵr in 14th century Cymru. News of our first LLUEST GLYNDŴR - TEYRNAS GLYNDŴR soon.

To commemorate 16 MEDI 1400: We will continue to encourage and promote ‘Dydd Glyndŵr’ commemorative local celebrations throughout the land and a major national patriotic festival in Corwen with events taking place at Pentre Glyndyfrdwy, Corwen and on Caerdrewyn. We are really at a loss as to why the best Glyndŵr Festivals are in the South - as at Abercraf annually, Apart from Llanwrst, the North seems to play Glyndŵr low key and, rather pathetically, Corwen and Machynlleth, the two towns most associated with Owain Glyndŵr, hold no events at all! Machynlleth is the most disappointing as that town now, it seems, chooses and prefers to be known as the Windmill capital of Wales rather than Prif Ddinas Owain IV 'Tywysog Cymru.

Re the Annual gathering of Pobl Glyndŵr at Corwen on and around 16 Medi, organised as the ‘national’ patriotic festival to celebrate 'Dydd Glyndŵr',. Next year, this event will possibly be a 3/4 day affair re-launched with great impact so as to make an impression on patriots. Hopefully this will make them wish to return year after year if only to participate in the greatest events such as an annual walk up Mynydd y Gaer to gather within the ramparts of Caer Drewyn and from the summit, raise up their Baneri Glyndŵr in celebration of 'Dydd Glyndŵr' 16 Medi 1400 - Our Independence Day. See posting 1000 POBL GLYNDŴR AND OTHER PATRIOTS TO CAERDREWYN 16 MEDI 2007.
Pic: Sian Ifan (c) Visions Glyndŵr. Flying 'Baner Glyndŵr halfway up Moel y Gaer close to the outer ramparts of Caerdrewyn. All we need on 16 Medi 2007 is for 999 Pobl Glyndŵr and other patriots with 999 more 'Baneri Glyndŵr' to be at the same half way stage en route for one of the greatest commemorative events in our history. NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE IF WE SHOW THE UNITY AND SOLIDARITY THAT WAS SHOWN ON THIS MOUNTAIN ON 18 MEDI 1400 AND BEFORE THAT IN 1165, see posting else where on subject of 'Battle of Crogan' in relation to the Hafod Rubbish Dump Protests: 'SAFWN YN Y BWLCH.
NOTE: Next year, the ambition is to see if we can enthuse 1000 patriots to raise 1000 Baneri Glyndŵr up around the ramparts of this ancient fortress. What a sight from below if we could do it - and we can – if we all make it happen. Don’t, once again, leave it to others to do it for you, contact us to be put on our list as one of the 1000 that has vowed ‘juratus Oweyn’ in this little way.
CASTLE SEIGE 1407 – 2007 COMMEMORATIONS: In particular, Keep in mind commemorative events in association with the anniversaries Of the English besieging Aberystwyth and Harlech Castles; Pobl Glyndŵr in these two communities will, hopefully, organise An exiting commemorative programme.

2: Other Regional Glyndŵr commemorative events are occasionally held at Bryn Glas (June) Cydweli (Hydref) and Caernarfon (Tachwedd).

NEWS: Thus far, we have supported a ''Glyndŵr Commemoration'' annually held at Hope which included a march to Castell Caergwle but, with the arrival of 2007 comes the 725th anniversary of 1282 so, next year will be marked by commemorations prompted by 'Antur Ysbryd Cofiwn' and organised by numerous groups in that connection. these events will be of local and national consequence and one event which will be of national importance is that which marks the anniversary of the start of the 1282 war, when Dafydd III, from his base at Castell Caergwle, launched an attack on Castell Hawarden situated not too distant from Castell Caergwle and in an area heavy with history associated with the period of Llywelyn ap Gruffydd and his brother Dafydd. Note Dafydd was captured in 1282 and executed in Shrewsbury by means of being hung, drawn and quartered, there is a small plaque on the wall of a bank in the town centre recording this tragic event that took place on 3 Hydref 1282. Coffâd 1282 – 2007 Commemorations will take place at Caergwle on and around Palm Sunday of 2007 and, hopefully, thereafter will become an annual event.
Picture of Castell Caergwle 5 - 9 - 2006 taken by G.Gruffydd (C) YSBRYD COFIWN. The photo shows the flags of Llywelyn ap Gruffydd and of his brother Dafydd, view is toward Castell Hawarden to the east and England.

3: Regional Weekend Outings in form of Field trips have been held at:

Carmarthen with a major Hâf Glyndŵr Summer Weekend outing in Ystrad Tywi during July
followed with a rally at the site of the 'Battle of Stalling Down' about Mid July.

Pic: Siân Ifan (c) Visions Glyndŵr, depics 'Y Ddraig Aur' being flown at a Llandovery Pobl Glyndŵr gathering during a 'Haf Glyndŵr 1403 - 2003 Commemoration.

At Woodbury Hill, Worcestershire over August Bank Holiday weekend.

4: MYSTERY ‘ARWR GLYNDŴR’ COMMEMORATION FOR 2007. Further full information in the new year but, in order to keep you guessing, look at the photos below and see if you can suss out the site of what will be a wonderful location for a BANER GLYNDŴR FLAG RALLY plus a wonderful Pobl Glyndŵr picnic site later on in the year when the weather, hopefully, will be sunny and hot?

Pic: Sian Ifan (c) Visions Glyndŵr depics the place where two events will be held in 2007 but where is it? The fallen flag is a clue and the first one to provide an answer will have the honour of raising up that flag at this place; such will be done for the first time in how many years? All possible answers to Siân at the Embassy - but be quick about it in case 1000's know exactly where it is and even suprise us with their knowledge of 'Hanes Glyndŵr' sites.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


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Ignore the ‘Blank’ as title, a problem I am attempting to resolve as the site is still undwr cnstruction but well worth visiting for much information on 16 Medi ‘Dydd Glyndŵr Commemoration Information

Please inform one and all.

Two other good sources of information are:

www.llwybraudyffryndyfrdwy.com For full details of walk up Caerdrewyn.

For other useful Glyndŵr Information and to request excellent Corwen/ Glyndŵr brochure contact: Corwen Library Information Centre 01490 412378

INTRODUCTION: 16 Medi ‘Dydd Glyndŵr’ is celebrated in communities throughout Wales and the world. We, however, regard the annual gathering of ‘Pobl Glyndŵr in the Gwlad Glyndŵr of Dyffryn Dyfrdwy, on and around this date, as the chief National Patriotic Festival annually held there in form of our autumn break in the north eastern march with priority visits to Llys Glyndyfrdwy, Neuadd Owain Glyndwr in pentre Glyndyfrdwy, Carrog, Ruthin and the colonial castles of the north east which were attacked by Owain Glyndŵr in September 1400. There are, also, other Glyndŵr sites in the area such as ‘Bryn Saith Marchog’ and ‘Ogof Glyndŵr’ at Llanarmon yr Ial which now has a ‘’rubbish dump’’ appearance rather than that of a ‘’Cave of Heroes’’. See photo below we recently took whilst visiting the area; pretty sad state of affairs; do go and see for yourselves and if you get a chance, complain to the owners of the land which the ‘Cave of Heroes’ is situated in.

NB: If you intend to visit the chief Gwlad Glyndŵr of Dyffryn Dyfrdwy do contact Corwen Information Service, based at Town Library, and request two excellent new brochures as follows:

1: ‘Exploring Corwen’ which has a lot of information on Owain Glyndŵr connections.

2: ‘Corwen, Three Circular Walks’ one of which is up to Caerdrewyn.

Long overdue information which now is a ‘must have material’ if visiting Corwen.


1: Sleeping Giant Foundation Abercraf. Excellent Dydd Glyndŵr Dŵy Festival 2nd year running and getting bigger and better (if that was possible). This festival is now a three day event with camping facilities. To see poster and full details of 'everything' in the line up, go to:
www.sgfnet.co.uk for full details. Embassy states...this is the way to do it!

2: Menter Iaith Llanrwst. Have organised an Owain Glyndŵr puppet show which will tour three schools on 15th Sept. First show will commence at 9am at Cerrigydrudion Primary school, 2nd show will be at Llansannan Primary school at and the 3rd will be at Ysgol Gymraeg Glan Morfa, Abergele at . Children from other schools in tho three localities will also be attending the shows. Also organised are rap workshops for the pupils of Ysgol Emrys ap Iwan, Abergele and Ysgol John Bright, Llandudno. Theme, of course, will be Owain Glyndŵr and Elliw from the Menter Iaith will also deliver a talk on this, he greatest of our Welsh heroes.

3: Menter Iaith Caerleon: Friday 15 September to Sunday 17th September. Owain Glyndŵr's "Seidr a Chrempog / Cider & Galettes" Festival. Great Welsh Ciders, Perries and tasty Welsh crempog / Breton galettes (savoury pancakes!) to commemorate the coronation of Wales's greatest Warrior and Statesman, Owain IV of Wales, on September 16th 1400.For further details of the Caerleon Dydd Glyndŵr day Festival go to:
4: Menter Iaith Caerffili: For full details of this Dydd Glyndŵr Day Festival go to:
5: Menter Iaith Porthmadog. Awaiting confirmation of details

6: Tafarn Glyndŵr at Gwernymynydd, that’s how it’s advertises but it’s not. It’s up in the hills with a splendid view over to Mold and beyond England, I suggest you check out maps on the internet re the exact location or ask in Gwernymynydd exactly where this Tafarn is. Well worth visiting and, every year, holds a Glyndŵr festival, this year’s event will be on Sunday 17 September and easily arrived at via Hafod Quarry. Activities at this year’s are varied and include a Glyndŵr battle re – enactment. For further details contact Ifor on Mold: 01352 752655.

7: The Dwyfor branch of Merched y Wawr will be holding a ‘Dydd Glyndŵr’ event at ‘Mynydd Ednyfed Hotel’ Cricieth where entertainment will be provided by Eisteddfod Bard winner and troubadier Twm Morys. For further details contact Mair Lloyd Davies on 01758 612692. Event is sponsored by the Welsh Academy’s ‘Author on Tour’ scheme. Yes, there is money out there to hold such events…go and seek it out to hold your annual Dydd Glyndŵr event.

Following 16th Sept annually, we prepare a report on where Glyndŵr Day events took place and where Glyndŵr flags were seen - and we depend on all of you 'Pobl Glyndŵr out there to provide us with this info - and pics where possible. So do keep your eyes open for the flags on such places as the National Assembly of Wales, The Millennium Stadium in Caerdydd, Castles under CADW'S keeping, Council Offices and Civic centres, businesses, hotels, pubs, shops, libraries, holiday parks, farms, private houses and, of course, Glyndŵr Festivals and events...in fact, anywhere! Send us your report and pics and if you can encourage anyone or anywhere to fly the Glyndŵr flag which strongly symbolises the Glyndŵr cry for Welsh Independence, get to work on it.



A news &Information Service – please inform us of any Glyndwr interest news.
If using material from this document please quote source.
Tel: 07787926981: E-mail: llysgenhadaeth@ntlworld.com


Below is a copy of an excellent letter from one of our supporters sent to the Mersey Side Waste Company, ‘Pobl Glyndŵr’ please note the points being made and refer to them in your protest letters to the same company, Wrecsam Council, politicians, Media and others and, as usual, pass on to one and all:

Dear Sirs,Re: Chwarel yr HafodI wish to express my total objection to plans to the use of the Hafod Quarry as a site for waste disposal on the following grounds-:1 Dumping has commenced, and yet the planning process has not been fully exhausted that is illegal.
2 The proposed use is asserted on an old planning application in a different age which does not take account of modern enlightened understanding of the effect of dumping waste on the environment.
3 Why transport waste from England into Wales ? Because it is not permitted in England. That speaks volumes.
4 Surely, on a matter of such importance (which has long lasting implications which will blight an area and has been rejected in England) the democratically elected government of Wales i.e. the National Assembly should be consulted. Why not?The only mature answer to a demand for dumping sites is to re-evaluate the way people live and minimise that demand. Adopt recycling measures, live a cleaner greener way of life. The fact that such measures have been ignored is no justification for transporting the problem across a border to another Country.Please, reconsider your plans and respect the wishes of the people of Wales.
Yours faithfully,
R Davies.

Now Read On: Mae’r Frwydr yn Parhau – The Struggle Continues.

Galwad Glyndwr - Safwn yn y Bwlch

Caer Drewyn/ Mynydd y Gaer near Corwen is famous as the site where Owain Glyndŵr gathered his first army of national liberation on 18 Medi 1400 prior to the great raid upon Ruthun and other colonial castle towns of the North Eastern March. Caer Drewyn is also famous as an historic site of great Cymric unity, it was here in 1165 that the princes of Gwynedd, Powys and Deheubarth rallied with a great united Welsh Army upon this ''Mountain of National Unity'' to meet a massive invasion mobilised by the English Henry II. This is just one more reason why we make a 'Galwad Glyndŵr' for Pobl Glyndŵr and other patriots to assemble atop Caerdrewyn to raise up Baner Glyndŵr and other patriotic banners of our homeland. From Caerdrewyn you will be able to look over Corwen to the Berwyn Mountains where Henry II and his bedraggled army gathered but very weakened by Welsh weather and guerrilla raids. The English invasion, from the out start, whilst crossing the border had met with strong resistance. In one encounter, Henry’s army had to face an attack at a gap in the dyke hence thereafter called 'Adwy'r Beddau' - The Pass of Graves. The battle fought there known as the ‘Battle of Crogen’ is our ''Welsh Thermopylae'' as the gallant stand made there by a small band of heroic Cymry bought time for the Cymric Princes to gather their great national army at Caerdrewyn. Having eventually crossed the Berwyn Mountains with great difficulty the English army had to face another Welsh army who were camped on Caerdrewyn and who were eager to face them in battle for Cymru. However, Henry II had had enough and made a quick retreat back the way he had come but a retreat that, again, the Welsh weather and guerrillas made difficult for him and, much angered, he blinded and murdered his Welsh hostages.
Galwad Glyndŵr. Siân Ifan of Embassy Glyndŵr at Caerdrewyn on 4 Medi 2006 following the attendance of a protest against the English Rubbish Dump at Hafod Quarry. Siân makes a 'Glyndŵr Call' to action, calling upon Pobl Glyndŵr and other patriots to assemble at Caerdrewyn on 16 Medi 'Dydd Glyndŵr 2006, following, which it is hoped, as many as possible will go on to visit Hafod quarry and there carry out their own individual ''autonomous action'' of protest by tying 'Glyndŵr red and yellow ribbons' to the gate or fence with the message: Owain Glyndŵr says…


A number of patriots are picketing Hafod Quarry every day, the least those who do not - and have not yet attended any other anti - Hafod Quarry rubbish dump protest is to make protest on 'Dydd Glyndŵr'. Please make the effort to carry out the above on 16 Medi 'Dydd Glyndwr' 2006. To inspire you, read on how, once before, our fighting heroes stood and died in the gap in the dyke in defence of Cymru. Hafod Quarry English Rubbish Dump is also a ''gap in the dyke''. If the Cymru do not make a major united stand here at Hafod, then other English Councils will see the green light and will also dump their rubbish in Cymru. We are not asking anyone to die at the gap, just, symbolically, protest: An united front needs to be shown on this or, once again, we are going to be walked over and will have to face the consequences of rubbish dumped all over Cymru. THINK ABOUT IT!

Safwn yn y Bwlch.
The Battle of Crogen:

CHIRK, a parish, in the union of Oswestry, hundred of Chirk, county of Denbigh, North Wales, 5¾ miles (N.) from Oswestry, on the road from London to Holyhead and Dublin; containing 1611 inhabitants, of whom 475 are in the township of Chirk. This parish is remarkable in history as the scene of a conflict between part of the forces of Henry II. and the Welsh, which took place in 1165, in a deep and picturesque valley, along which runs the river Ceiriog, on the west and south sides of Chirk Castle. Henry, with a view to the conquest of Wales, collected an army at Oswestry, whilst the Welsh prince, Owain Gwynedd, mustered his forces at Corwen; and being eager to decide the struggle, the English monarch hastened to meet the enemy, but was interrupted in this valley by almost impenetrable woods, which he commanded his men to cut down, in order to secure himself from ambuscade, posting the pikemen and flower of his army to protect those at work. When thus engaged, a strong party of Welsh fell upon the English with indignant fury, and a battle ensued, which, while it ended in the retiring of the former, so reduced the strength of Henry, that although he contrived to advance to Corwen, yet, harassed by the activity of Owain, who cut off his supplies, he was at length compelled to fall back into the English territory, and relinquish his design. This encounter, in which numbers of men were slain on both sides, is called the battle of Crogen, and the place where it was fought Adwy'r Beddau, "the pass of the graves." From: 'Chirk - Clocaenog', A Topographical Dictionary of Wales (1849), pp. 241-48. URL:
http://www.british-history.ac.uk/report.asp?compid=47813. Date accessed: 08 September 2006. Search google for: BATTLE OF CROGEN 1165.

To further inspire Pobl Glyndŵr, here is a poem by Ceiriog:


The battle went on to its ending,
With the enemy routed outright;
And the day-star on Gwynedd descending
Looked down, as the dawn followed night:
There the young men that stood fast, together,
For Gwynedd, fell down, and so died,-
And many a wife and dear mother
Looked for husband and son side by side.

But the blackbird, he never left whistling
On the oak by the battle’s long glade,
Where the trees and the thickets were rustling
Their branches above the pale dead;
Ah, there lay a young soldier dying,
And watch’d a boy drop on the sword,
And beyond him, the old father lying,-
And in his dead hand the live sword.

The women and children the dead there
Drew forth;-and their hands heavily
Dug the ditch! Their dear ones they laid there;
But the blackbird still sang on his tree.
Ah, bitter, Maes Grogen, thy sorrow;
But blessed, the bird did not know
Of the weeping there was on that morrow,-
The live for the dead laid below.

Ceiriog (1860)
(Trans. Ernest Rhys)

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Glyndŵr’s Patriots Onward to Hafod on 16 September 2006.

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Llysgenhadaeth Glyndŵr/Embassy Glyndŵr
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On Monday 4 Medi an excellent protest was held outside Wrecsam Guild Hall where the Planning Committee of Wrecsam Borough council were meeting to discuss matters regards the dumping of English rubbish at Hafod. Outside, over 300 protesters were calling for the Council to revoke the licence of the company dumping the waste. Local protesters were backed up by Embassy Glyndŵr staff, members of Cymuned, Balchder Cymru, Plaid Cymru and environmentalist groups. Despite overwhelming opposition to the dump the council did not revoke the licence and thus the dumping will continue and a precedent has been set - giving a green light to other English councils, collaborating with colonially minded Welsh Councils, to extend the operation of dumping English rubbish in Cymru.
A gauntlet has been thrown down and it is a challenge that must be met by all patriots rallying to continued protest action at Hafod Quarry. Patriots must ‘’Seize the time’’ for if now the gauntlet is not immediately taken up then the initiative will be lost - as will media interest - and without media interest the protest will be starved of the ‘’oxygen of publicity’’ and splutter out of strength, falter, fail and end in defeat. Thus, Embassy Glyndŵr proposes that patriots throw down their own ‘’Guantlet Glyndŵr’’ and ‘’seize the time ASAP and what better time to do this than on Saturday 16 Medi 2006 with an Owain Glyndŵr and his ‘’Bare Foot Welsh Doggis’’ march on Hafod quarry. Below are possibilities to consider:

Will Owain Glyndŵr and his Bare Foot Welsh Doggis march on
Hafod Quarry on 16 Medi 2006?

The possibilities? Read on:

Embassy Glyndŵr has been considering as to what would be the best way to more pro - actively support this protest campaign and here are a few suggestions as inspired by our knowledge of Hanes Glyndŵr:

Glyndŵr’s Patriots onward to Hafod on 16 September 2006.

If you are visiting the Gwlad Glyndŵr on 16 Medi 2006 and, after having made your visit to Llys Glyndyfrdwy and having climbed Caerdrewyn and raised your Baner Glyndŵr and, added a stone to ‘Carn Rhyddid 18 Medi 1400’, why not take a ride along the A5 on to the A539 and on to Hafod Quarry Rubbish Dump, Johnstown, Wrecsam. Once there, tie your yellow and red Glyndŵr ribbon to the gates or anywhere along the fence around the rubbish dump and leave the following message in large letters on a weather protected placards:

Owain Glyndŵr says… Do not dump your English Rubbish in Cymru!

That is the possible minimum and indeed it would be interesting to see how many 'Rubanau Glyndŵr' get tied to the fence around this ENGLISH RUBBISH DUMP IN WALES on ‘Dydd Glyndŵr’.

Now for the maximum possible but?

Owain Glyndwr and his Bare Foot Welsh Doggis will march on
Hafod Quarry on 16 Medi 2006...Perhaps?

EMBASSY GLYNDŴR SUGGESTION , others may wish to propose?

We suggest that an ‘Owain Glyndŵr and ’Barefoot Welsh Doggis’’ March’ on Hafod, on 16 Medi ‘Dydd Glyndŵr’, could be a good idea as, In history, following on the gathering at Caerdrewyn in September of 1400, Owain Glyndŵr, and, what in time was to become his army of national liberation, led a lightening attack on Ruthun and other colonial castle towns in the north east so, If Pobl Glyndŵr gathered at Caerdrewyn on Dydd Sadwrn 16 Medi ‘Dydd Glyndŵr’ this year to raise the Glyndŵr flag as suggested by us, then they could, symbolically, hand a Glyndŵr flag on a pole, at an assembly point in the car park at the foot of Caerdrewyn (near the leisure centre) to patriots willing to do the ‘’March of the Bare foot Welsh Doggis’’. A declaration could also be given to the marchers to tie to the gates of Hafod Rubbish Dump? This action would deliver a strong message to one and all that Glyndŵr’s campaign for justice for the Cymry continues and he is ‘very angry with those who claim to represent our interests and rights in regards to this rubbish issue!

If such was to be organised, it would require the support of as many organisations as possible as well as the backing of the Hafod Environmental Defence Committee. This initiative would also require some ‘on the ground’ and ‘en route’ organisation as well as back up support. please note, we would be unable, ourselves, to take a pro – active role in this march as we are, this year, committed to attending the Abercraf Gŵyl Glyndŵr but, we will, of course, publicise and promote the march should it take place.

Alternatively, perhaps a ‘Motorcade Glyndŵr’ could be organised from Caerdrewyn car park to Hafod and from a point close to the quarry a "symbolic march" could be held to the gates. This alternative would allow all to do the climb atop Caerdrewyn to raise their ‘Baneri Glyndŵr’ as we did on the way back from the Hafod protest, see pics below:
Picture Shows Flags on first ramparts.

Siân Ifan.
'Juratus Oweyn'.

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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Carn Rhyddid 1400 Caerdrewyn Owain Glyndŵr Memorial.

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Caerdrewyn 18 Medi 1400

''Rydym yn eich hysbysu ein bod
gyda chymorth Duw a chwithau,
yn gobeithio y gallwn ryddhau
pobl Cymru o gaethiwed ein
gelynion Seisnig, sydd am hir amser a aeth heibio, wedi ein
gorthymu ni a'n cyndeithiau''

On the inception of the National Commemoration Association in 1972/3, later to become COFIWN a name suggested by one of that movements Co - Founders Eurig ap Gwilym R.I.P, it was decided to hold an annual Owain Glyndŵr Mis Medi '16 'Dydd Glyndŵr' commemoration at Corwen. From the start, this commemoration included an annual visit to Llys Glyndyfrdwy and also a climb atop Caerdrewyn to raise baner Glyndŵr. In those days, only one ‘baner’ existed and that was one we had hand made ourselves.. Today, thanks to the initiative of Embassy Glyndŵr, this national flag of Cenedl Glyndŵr is seen all over Cymru and the world and hopefully over the years ahead we shall now see many more baneri Glyndŵr raised up atop Caerdrewyn.

The above photograph is of a cairn, 'Carn Rhyddid 1400', began by COFIWN in those early years, the idea being that not every Glyndŵr memorial had to be one that took years to organise and requiring a skilled crafts person to make and one that would cost £1000's but could, sometimes, be one made by patriots themselves so, COFIWN initiated the idea of the building up of this cairn, stone by stone, by available rocks that are scattered all over Caerdrewyn. The idea was that, over the years, patriots would add rocks and the Cairn would gain in size as would awareness of it's existence. An important feature of this imitative was that patriots were encouraged to bring stones from their own area to add to the Cairn, a symbolic way of building a national memorial by the patriots of Wales. This was an idea borrowed from Ireland by Gethin ap Gruffydd the founder of the National Commemoration Association and in those days (the 70's) there were no proper foot paths leading to the summit of Caerdrewyn and it was quite a hard climb - but well worth it for the great patriotic feeling of having made it and, of course, for the view. Eurig ap Gwilym would, annually, carry a massive flag pole from which to fly our solitary baner Glyndŵr, quite an achievement – all of which can be seen on ‘The History of the COFIWN Era’ which we hope to have available on DVD by next summer.

Today, there is a proper footpath up Caerdrewyn and, of course, baneri Glyndŵr are widely available making it a lot easier for patriots to annually make their patriotic pilgrimage to this cairn 'CARN RHYDDID 1400', that is, if it still exists? We shall see this Medi 16 - 'Dydd Glyndŵr' 2006 - when Embassy Glyndŵr staff relaunch the annual walk atop Caerdrewyn to rebuild the carn (if needs be) and re-initiate the idea of Pobl Glyndŵr themselves adding small stones, from their own areas, to this memorial to the most historic event that occurred there on 18 Medi 1400, that of the gathering of Owain Glyndŵr's first small army prior to their raid upon Ruthun and their assault upon the colonial Castle towns of the North East March. All are welcome to join in the re-launch of this great patriotic enterprise.

During the 70's of course, the web did not exist and it was not so easy to widely publicise this COFIWN initiative and in time, COFIWN demised and so to did the aforementioned annual COFIWN Commemoration at Corwen but, Embassy Glyndŵr this year will attempt to revive interest in the annual Caerdrewyn event but not, yet, as an organised gathering but more as the publicising of the patriotic purpose and the occasion of opportunity for Pobl Glyndŵr to annually gather at Corwen to, at their own time, visit Glyndŵr sites such as Llys Glyndyfrdwy, Caerdrewyn and Pen y Pigyn.

Pen y Pigyn, Corwen. It was from atop of Pen y Pigyn that Owain Glyndŵr threw down his dagger in anger because the men of Edeyrnion would not, at the beginning, join in the struggle for the liberation of their homeland but, of course, they eventually did. To commemorate this event, Llysgenhadaeth Glyndŵr presented Corwen council with a specially commissioned 'Dagr Glyndwr' on 16 Medi 2004.

Whilst the view from Pen y Pigyn, looking down on Corwen and across to Caerdrewyn, is wonderful - as our pictures show, there is a fantastic cairn but, Unfortunately, the wording on the plaque on this cairn will, at the very least, make ‘Pobl Glyndŵr’ want to throw their own ''angry daggers''. Unbelievably, the plaque, complete with a huge flag pole, is all part of a memorial to commemorate the 1911 Investiture of an English Prince of Wales at Caernarfon! Yes - and you wonder why we are not yet a free nation! If here, in the heartland of Owain Glyndŵr, the local population of that time thought it more worthy to put up such a memorial than one to their great local hero and our national hero Owain Glyndŵr, then its little wonder we are a long way from achieving Prince Owain's dream of Independence; however, next year Corwen will get a great new statue of Owain Glyndŵr which will greatly make up for the aforementioned memorial to English Monarchist Sovereignty over our homeland and hopefully, by 2011, the local population will have petitioned the council to take down this awful plaque and replace it with one that commemorates their own 'Tywysog Cymru'. After all, the Americans at the end of their successful War of independence tore down English Monarchist symbols and the Peoples of Nazi and communist occupied Europe have torn down the symbols of oppression those ideologies represented. Most controversially today is the removal of Confederate flags and symbols throughout the ''old South'' whilst in Spain, much is being made of the removal of civil war and Franco regime symbols - causing campaigns of removal to be met with resistance by present day Falange Fascists. Information of all such subjects are well informed of on the web so is it not about time we had the confidence to follow their example in Wales?

The 1911 Investiture Memorial atop Pen y Pigyn should serve to motivate some extra patriotic enthusiasm to establish 'Carn Rhyddid 1400' atop Caerdrewyn. 2011 is however, a long way off so we request both local and national Pobl Glyndŵr, as well as other patriots, to request Corwen Council to, at the very least, raise 'baner Glyndŵr' annually atop Pen y Pigyn on the existing available flag pole on 16 Medi 'Dydd Glyndŵr'. Other than this, we hope on and around 'Dydd Glyndŵr' annually Pobl Glyndŵr will make the pleasant woodland walk up to this location and, weather permitting, stick up your baneri Glyndŵr and have yourselves a Pobl Glyndŵr picnic. We concede, It is a bit much to ask Pobl Glyndŵr to climb up both Caerdrewyn and Pen y Pigyn if only in Corwen for one day so, we suggest you alternate your walks up these two mountains and if it's raining then move on to Ruthun where, following on the gathering of 'Byddin Glyndwr' at Caerdrewyn on 18 Medi 1400 this was first English Castle town to be attacked. In 2000, on the 600th anniversary of this attack, a ''plaque'' was placed on the wall of a bank in the town square and unveiled by Dafydd Iwan, don't blink though - you might miss it? Local patriots had wanted a major memorial placed at the site of the old gateway to the town through which 'Byddin Glyndŵr' rode in 1400 but this ‘small’ effort is all that has been achieved to date.?

If only Cymdeithas Owain Glyndŵr had placed their 1400 - 2000 Glyndŵr memorial in Ruthun and not like some ''Tardis'' in the grounds of the then 'Celtica', it would have served a greater purpose and of course it would have been the historically correct thing to do. At the time, not only did Embassy Glyndŵr question this placement but so too did the Owain Glyndŵr centre and Capel Royal at Pennal. Now, with Celtica closed, one wonders if the Owain Glyndŵr memorial there serves any real purpose at all? perhaps it could be moved to Ruthun?

Idea: How's about an annual Sialens Glyndŵr ''twin peaks'' run/walk between Pen y Pigyn and Caerdrewyn? But, of course, should such be organised it would have to be organised properly by the local council and perhaps a sports body. Whatever, lets at least see just how many Baneri Glyndŵr can be at raised at Pen y Pigyn and Caerdrewyn this year. C’mon, lets see those ‘Baneri Glyndŵr’ raised high over Corwen – Tref Glyndŵr.

PS: Embassy Glyndŵr fully credits COFIWN for it's pioneering work in promoting the celebration of 16 Medi annually for many years as 'Dydd Glyndŵr', it should also be noted that for a couple of years COFIWN also organised an annual Glyndŵr Conference with lectures at Neuadd Glyndŵr in Pentre Glyndyfrdwy. It's one thing to organise a major festival but are there not sufficient local ‘Pobl Glyndŵr’ with the interest and enthusiasm to re-launch this COFIWN initiative? Indeed, why not hold an annual Rhys Davies lecture there annually in memory of a great Welsh historian, a son of Glyndyfrdwy to whom we all owe so much, not least of course, with regards to Hanes Owain Glyndŵr. Maybe this is a matter for our academic establishment and Prof Rhys Davies’s peers to take care of?
Will Owain Glydwr and his Barefoot Doggis march on Hafod Quarry ? Maybe!

Afterthought: Embassy Glyndŵr has been considering how best we may actively support the anti - rubbish dump campaign at Hafod Quarry; our first thought was a great rally of 'Pobl Glyndŵr' at Caerdrewyn on the approaching 16 Medi 'Dydd Glyndŵr' followed by a march of ''Owain Glyndŵr'' and his ''Barefoot Doggis'' to the rubbish dump at Hafod quarry. However, that would take some major organisation so, instead, if visiting this 'Gwlad Glyndŵr' why not, after visiting Llys Glyndŵr and climbing atop Caerdrewyn, drive on to Hafod Quarry rubbish dump and pin yellow and red Glyndwr ribbons to the gate or fence with the message:

Siân Ifan

Juratus Oweyn