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Friday, September 22, 2006



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Pic: S.Ifan (c) Visions Glyndŵr, depics ''Owain Glyndŵr'' riding through Ruthin for the 600th anniversary of the attack on that town on 18 Medi 1400. During the days prior to this attack Owain Glyndŵr had been gathing an army at Caerdrewyn. Would it not be a great and glorious thing if ''Owain Glyndŵr'' was once more to ride through Corwen up Mynydd y Gaer to, once more, meet with his army at Caerdrewyn, not impossible just read on....

Coffâd 16 Medi 1400: Penwythnos 15 – 16 Medi 2007
Dathlu Prifwyl Dydd Owain Glyndŵr, Corwen – Dyffryn Dyfrdwy.
Pic: Siân Ifan (c) Visions Glyndŵr. At foot of pathway up Mynydd y Gaer to Caerdrewyn, this is the shorter but up hill pathway. If we are to march up with a ''Byddin Glyndŵr'' of 1000 Pobl Glyndŵr and other patriots to raise 1000 'Baneri Glyndŵr' we shall take the longer more gradual route which would also be more suitable for a horse?

Our provisional plans contain a number of ideas which we are in the process of developing chief of which will be a re-launching of an annual walk up ‘Mynydd y Gaer’ to hold a great gathering – Patriotic rally within the ramparts of ‘Caer Drewyn’. We have in mind to enthuse patriots with a ‘Galwad Glyndŵr’ (the call of Glyndŵr) which seeks to bring 1000 Pobl Glyndŵr and other patriots to Corwen to participate in this significant event to see 1000 Baneri Glyndŵr raised within and along the ramparts of Caerdrewyn. We will need your active help if this important initiative is to become a reality so, if interested in participating and being counted as one of the 1000 or/and in supporting or assisting by other means, contact Siân ASAP.

Pic: (C) Siân Ifan Visions Glyndŵr: Half way up Mynydd y Gaer and quite close to the outer ramparts.

Galwad Glyndŵr:
1000 Pobl Glyndŵr with 1000 Baneri Glyndŵr called to Caerdrewyn on 16 Medi 2007.

Pic: Sian Ifan(c)Visions Glyndŵr: Making the 'Galwad Glyndŵr' at Mynydd y Gaer (Unity Mountain) 2006 for a great patriotic gathering at Caerdrewyn on 16 Medi 2007.

Galwad Glyndŵr - Initiative Introduction.

Such is very possible if we all set our minds and bodies to making it possible. As the saying goes, “Where there is a will, there’s a way” So, do not just think about it and then leave it to a few others this time, get ready to be there on SUNDAY 16 SEPTEMBER 2007 and be counted!
Pic: Sian Ifan (c) Visions Glyndŵr. Four 'Baneri Glyndŵr' only another 996 needed at and around the ramparts of Caerdrewyn on 18 Medi 2007. If achieved, what a sight and what a message it would send to the world. "Yes! we're still here" and we still want that Independance Owain Glyndŵr and his followers fought for so many years ago. THE DREAM SURVIVES THE AGES! so, are you going to help this dream of ours come true? Make it Happen!!!

Historically, 2007, as the anniversary of the year 1407 is a very depressing year to commemorate, for in 1407, the tide turns against Owain Glyndŵr as the English mount major military offences by land and sea. 1407 is remembered as not only the year in which many areas surrender to the English but also the great Glyndŵr bastions of Cestyll Aberystwyth and Harlech are put to siege. We shall of course commemorate these events but they will hardly be celebrations. So, despite what history has determined as the year it all started to go down hill, let us on Sunday 16 Medi 2007 walk up hill to Caerdrewyn and rise up those 1000 Baneri Glyndŵr in defiance. WE ARE STILL HERE! C'mon we can do it! we are not asking patriots to cross the Alps with elephants and if COFIWN enthused 3000 patriots to the 1982 Cilmeri rally and march around Builth, then, surely, Embassy Glyndŵr can lead an enthusiastic way forward to encourage you to make the journey to Corwen in Mis Medi 2007 for a major Glyndŵr festival over a long weekend of 14 - 18 September with, on the 16 Medi 2007, that walk of 1000 Pobl Glyndŵr and other patriots up Mynedd y Gaer, each to rise up their baner Glyndŵr within and upon the ramparts of Caerdrewyn. Will you make the effort this time? The success of this ‘show of defiance’ depends on all of you to show how deep beneath your skin your patriotism is? in the first instance, we would appreciate hearing from anyone who is keen on this initiative and would help organise it and other events we have in mind to organise on 14 and 15 Medi 2006 at Pentre Glyndyfrdwy, Corwen and elsewhere between 17 - 18 Medi 2007.
Pic: Siân Ifan (c) Visions Glyndŵr, shows Carn Rhyddid 18 Medi 1400 set up by COFIWN in the 70's. Remember bring a stone from your community to add to a new 'Carn Rhyddid' on 18 Medi 2007.

HOW YOU CAN IMMEDIATELY HELP TO GET THIS EXITING INIATIVE ROLLING: Make note of all these dates and where possible, mention these brief details of the intended initiative in your web logs, web sites and in forums with the cry of ‘Galwad Glyndŵr’: All roads lead to Corwen in Mis Medi 2007 in a massive mobilisation for a march from Corwen to Caerdrewyn.
Illustrated, the two ways up Mynydd y Gaer to Caerdrewyn, for full information search web for Denbighshire walks and request brochure entitled 'Three Corwen walks'.

N.B. For those of you who do not know: there is a roadway to the summit of Caer Drewyn. it is slightly longer than the sheep track but (taking families into consideration) its the easiest and maybe most scenic way to the top so, spread the word …
Glyndŵr calls!

Siân Ifan.

Prif Weithredwr Llysgenhadaeth Glyndŵr.
'Juratus Oweyn'.


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