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Wednesday, August 23, 2006


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Tipping has began at the newly opened rubbish dump of Hafod Quarry, Johnston, Wrecsam. Lorries were greeted by local protesters who, today, unsuccessfully failed to stop England’s rubbish being dumped in Cymru. So the way is open for up to five English Councils to dump their dirt on Wales. Petitions have been doing the rounds but we urge one and all to deal directly with Wrecsam Council, Mersey Waste and the ‘so called’ National Assembly of Wales which again appeases English Imperialism and accommodates neo – colonialism by allowing this to happen just as they also allow our land to be ruined by windmills. So yes, do send off ‘’angry’’ E-mails but, at the end of the day, this dump will only be defeated by more direct action such as in the sustaining of picket protests and by carrying the campaign into England to the English councils involved. Ultimately, we believe victory will only be finally won by a ‘National Mobilisation’ of patriotic protest. As an example look to the massive mobilisation by Breton patriots against the siting of a rubbish dump on the site of one of the most significant battles in Breton History, the Battle of St Aubin du Comier 1488. Unfortunately, this battle brought Breton Independence to an end; in other words, it was a ‘’Breton Cilmeri’’ so you can imagine how Breton patriots felt about this threat to use part of the battle site as a rubbish dump. This act of insensitive atrocity brought on a massive patriotic mobilisation which made the authorities drop the idea entirely. It strikes me that similarly, the Hafod dump will only be dumped if there is a similar massive mobilisation. I understand that the site is an area of conservation but I do not know if this Hafod dump is over a battle site or any other important area of Heritage in the Landscape? Of course, that is not the priority at this moment, the issue of having England’s rubbish dumped on Cymru is., however, I will point out - and ask why is it that when ever such issues of despoilation of our landscape arise, it’s only ‘’Environmental Issues’’ that count? Surely, HERITAGE IN THE LANDSCAPE is as equally important, so please if any one knows of any ‘’heritage Issues’’ concerned with the Hafod Rubbish Dump or any other ‘’DESPOILATION ISSUE’’ please do inform us at the Embassy.

In the meantime, if you love Cymru and want to protect her from the endurance of further abuse, you can contribute to her protection immediately by rallying in your many thousands to support the Johnstown community in their stand against this scandalous scheme to despoil her beauty with English trash. here are a few suggestions as to what you can do as an expression of your disgust and anger:

Write to The National Assembly demanding they intervene.
Write to Wrecsam Council voicing your protest strongly.
Write to ‘Mersey Waste E-mail address is
Join the picket line in your 1000’s until victory is achieved.

This morning, there were between 50 – 100 protesters on the picket line at the entrance to the Hafod Quarry by Johnstown, Wrecsam this morning where they tried to stop the refuge lorries from entering. If you live in the area then please do join them tomorrow morning at 7am if you can. If you can’t, for whatever reason, then please pass this message on to ‘anyone and everyone’ you can think of that might. We must not fail on this issue and let another Tryweryn take place. If the Assembly and the Welsh politicians refuse to intervene on this then, its up to us as keepers of our nation.

The Breton population stood together in their thousands to be counted on a similar burning issue and that scheme was scrapped. Pass this message on…ITS VERY IMPORTANT.

UPDATE: Protest outside Wrecsam Guildhall at 6pm on Monday 4th Sept when Planning Committee will be meeting inside to discuss whether to scrap the permission given for this dumping of England's rubbish in Johnstown. Come and show your disgust from all areas of Wales, it could be your community next! Bring placards.


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