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Monday, August 21, 2006


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Re call by ‘’PLAID’’ aka Plaid Cymru M.P Adam Price to have the insult of having representatives of the English Royalty invested as ''Princes of Wales'' abolished. We totally agree with this aim but do not support his call for a referendum to be held on this matter of national importance because, to be honest, on this issue we cannot think of one patriot who would honour a result that would be positive to wanting English Princes of Wales therefore, we see this call as rather a bit of naive political posturing and political self publicity for Adam Price rather than a serious challenge to the English monarchy. We would like to remind one and all that Cymru already has it's own prince, namely Owain ap Gruffydd Fychan, Owain IV 'Tywysog Cymru. Our national hero Owain Glyndŵr, our 'Mab Darogan' is of course our past, present and future 'Tywysog Cymru' so, yes, we are arguing from a Welsh Royalist viewpoint - unlike those who spout off ‘’republicanism’’ but who are then seen annually at Cilmeri spouting ‘’knee jerk patriotism’’.

On the subject of Cilmeri, since 1966 patriots have gathered there annually to affirm their covenant with the ethos of Cilmeri which… is that all true patriots are sworn to oppose the English monarchy having sovereignty over our homeland. At the least, all true patriots come to Cilmeri to demonstrate their opposition to having English pretender princes invested in Caernarfon and to further express that these ‘pretenders’ are as much not needed as are the pretend parliamentarians at the Sham Senedd in Caerdydd.

That Sham Senedd and what do about it as a matter of most urgent priority:

Yes, let’s get rid of poseur English princes of Wales but also let’s get rid of poseur parliaments as well. Let’s restore Cenedl Glyndŵr - an Independent Cymru and re-establish Senedd Glyndŵr as a true parliament and not the fraud perpetuated on us by the recent White Paper on the Governance of Wales. Then, Tywysog Owain Glyndŵr may determine that his people has truly called upon him to lead them in a real struggle for the liberation of our homeland instead of all this weak “knee jerking patriotism” that is all talk and very little action. The aforementioned ''chicanery'' by the Labour administration of foisting upon Cymru a fraud so obvious can only make us wonder why the so called ''opposition'' has not walked out of this Assembly of Appeasement with English Imperialism and Neo – Colonialism and established an Alternative Assembly perhaps in Machynlleth. However, I cannot really see the Tories and Liberals doing that but why not the Nationalists? No! what am I talking about? what ''Nationalists'', I forget, ''PLAID GOD KNOWS WHAT'' is no longer a ''Nationalist Party'' but a mysterious coalition of ‘’rainbow reasoning’’ and ‘’Masonic mysteries?’’.

To conclude: Embassy Glyndŵr calls for and supports all calls for a REFERENDUM ON INDEPENDENCE as a matter of the most serious importance concerning the constitutional arrangement in Cymru. As inspiration towards such an end, we urge all Pobl Glyndŵr patriots to look towards Scotland where there is a vigorously radical SCOTTISH INDEPENDENCE FIRST MOVEMENT CAMPAIGN already in place. The organisers of this campaign will be holding a massive Scottish ‘Independence First March’ in Edinburgh, on the 30th September 2006 (see web for full details) and I would urge all those Pobl Glyndŵr patriots who can, to head north to Scotland to support this event - and do remember to take plenty of Baneri Glyndŵr and raise them high. If a reasonable number of Pobl Glyndŵr contacts us to express their eagerness to attend this event then maybe we can organise an Embassy Glyndŵr contingent to march behind our Embassy Glyndŵr banner. So anyone out there interested should contact me ASAP. Other than this, as a means to advance the cause and struggle of Welsh Independence, all patriots should work towards the establishment of a WELSH INDEPENDENCE FIRST MOVEMENT AND CAMPAIGN with the following proposals in mind:

1: A body of patriots needs to come together to advance the initiative of a WELSH INDEPENDENCE FIRST MOVEMENT AND CAMPAIGN, this body should work toward the calling of and the holding of a NATIONAL INDEPENDENCE CONVENTION on or about the 21 Mehefin ‘Dydd y Senedd’ 2007 in Machynlleth. In the meantime, this aforementioned body should advance the aforementioned proposal of a WELSH INDEPENDENCE FIRST MOVEMENT AND CAMPAIGN. If embarked upon this September there are nine months of pregnant maturing for one and all to get their act together by studying how the Scots have organised and carried out the Scottish Independence First Campaign to date. There can be no faltering or failing so the last thing needed is “knee jerk patriotism”, Any similar Welsh campaign to that of the Scottish Independence First Campaign must be well organised and mainstreamed. This requires deep thought, prior preparation and then, good organisation; all ingredients of which do not come as an instant package but something that needs careful planning and even more careful initiation.

2: However, do take aboard the fact that any such similar Welsh Movement and campaign needs pre – publicity to sustain the idea of WELSH INDEPENDENCE FIRST thus, Embassy Glyndwr would suggest to Pobl Glyndŵr and other patriots who have the mind to do so, to follow the example of Embassy Glyndŵr action on 31 Mawrth 2006 - ‘Dydd Llythyr Pennal’ and carry out individual or ‘pro – Independence’ group action at the SHAM SENEDD. Just go down there sometime during ‘Wythnos Glyndŵr’ (18 -22 Medi) with placards carrying large messages in big letters saying ‘WALES WANTS INDEPENDENCE AND WE WANT IT SOON – WE DEMAND AN INDEPENDENCE REFERENDUM NOW! Take pictures and send to media and put out on the web. That would be a positive start to the campaign

3: Next step: taking advantage of the annual St David’s day parade in Caerdydd when Welsh Patriotism is at it’s annual high water mark and plenty of patriots about, we suggest Pobl Glyndŵr and other patriots, at the conclusion of the St David’s Day Parade on the steps of the NMW, go over to City Hall and place your daffodils at the feet of the Owain Glyndŵr Statue. Then with a shout of ‘Juratus Oweyn’ start to march off towards Tiger Bay to the SHAM SENEDD with Baneri Glyndŵr and other patriotic flags and banners declaring for Welsh Independence. Keep this up as an annual Independence March and as the years roll on, this march will get bigger and bigger and so to will the Independence Campaign, Movement and struggle and hopefully, the popular call of all our people will be WELSH INDEPENDENCE FIRST AND LAST!

THE FIRST MARCH FOR WELSH INDEPENDENCE FIRST IN CAERDYDD ON ST DAVIDS DAY 2007 but, who will organise? sorry not us - but we will support if others come forward to organise so, if interested, do get in touch - with us initially and we will put all those interested in touch with each other

To end: So come on if you really want independence don’t just pin your hopes on the ‘pretender politicians’ just seize the time and do it but be aware of distracters and dilettantes as those who led you up a blind ally with the sanctioning of that ‘’message of shame’’ to the Sham Senedd following the ‘BRAD DYDD DEWI 2006 Parade. However, It will not hurt also if you made yourselves a little more familiar with the patriotic principles of Achos Glyndŵr as may be found within such concepts and activities as ‘Juratus Oweyn’, Gwaith Glyndŵr, Achos Glyndwr, Cleddyf y Genedl, Dagr Glyndŵr, Dydd y Senedd 21 Mehefin and the Declaration of Craig Coroni Glyndŵr, Penrallt. Then of course, let us always promote Dydd Glyndŵr 16 Medi and the ‘’Founding fathers’’ Declaration at Llys Glyndyfrdwy and the rising of Baner Glyndwr’ at Caerdrewyn and so on. A fuller understand of these are the makings of Pobl Glyndŵr and will equip you with the determination to carry the above toward final victory as our Prince Owain Glyndwr, Owain IV ‘Tywysog Cymru’ would want it.

Now that’s better than sitting around naval gazing and running around like headless chickens wondering what to do other than send the usual ‘’taffy tantrum’’ letters to the Western Mail or worse listen to ‘’PLAID’’ who are all talk on Independence but actually do nothing about it. We are starting to consider that sooner or later we shall have to start advocating the establishment of a PLAID GLYNDŴR as a true Nationalist Party that would possibly, in the first instance, stand ‘’token symbolic’’ candidates but that’s another matter I will deal with again some time.

Your views and ideas, as always, are welcome.



At 4:24 pm, Blogger alanindyfed said...


As a once and future member of Plaid Cymru, and as a present active campaigner for Welsh Independence and the establishment of a nation-state of Cymru (not "Wales"),
I agree with the sentiments you express. There is only a sham democracy on show, and the people have little voice in their own governance. Just a word of caution - we do not want to invite a backlash but should strive to persuade and convert those who have antipathy or reservations about our goal. By delivering to the community and fulfilling their needs and desires we can win them over, so when the referendum comes we may be assured of success.
Alan in Dyfed

At 6:21 pm, Blogger alanindyfed said...

There is no reason why the Green Party, or even the Liberal and Conservative parties in Wales should not push for independence. It does not have to be one party's prerogative. They may be persuaded or convinced to accept a move towards independence as it does not threaten their survival, but only the survival of the Union. If they could accept the breakup of the Union, and the formation of four nation-states within Europe, the aim of independence will be realised, and Plaid's mission accomplished.

Alan in Dyfed

At 8:06 pm, Blogger alanindyfed said...


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