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Thursday, August 03, 2006


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Unfortunately, Pobl Glyndŵr ignore too much the great historic achievement of Glyndŵr's capture of Castell Harlech in 1404 and that it was then held by the Cymry up to 1409. Not only do we ignore this great achievement but we further disregard the significant fact that Harlech was the Royal Capital of an Independent Cymru for nearly five full years. We also ignore the truth that whilst Prince Owain held one parliament at Machynlleth on 21 Mehefin 1404, he actually held at least two parliaments at Castell Harlech, one on 1 Awst 1405 and the other in August of 1406. Both these anniversaries have received scant attention in regards to commemoration or much deserved celebration of these important events or in recognition of Harlech as Glyndŵr's Citadel. Its high time we Pobl Glyndŵr did something about that and thus this reminder. Read on…

What to do? Apart from the event of the Pennal letter of 31 Mawrth 1406, this year marks the beginning of the end for this last great struggle for our homeland's Independence. The Cymric military successes up to 1405 went into reverse after the ''Bloody Spring Battles'' in Gwent during 1405. These reverses continue into 1406 and into 1407 and by Mis Medi of that year the English take back Castell Aberystwyth. It is however the very harsh winter of 1407 into mis Mawrth of 1408 that weakens Cymric resolve amongst the people and the now weakened and divided Army of National Liberation but still, Owain Glyndŵr and his Royal Court holds out at the Citadel of Castell Harlech - the general Army Head Quarters. The order of the day is now to sustain a defensive war but, finally, Castell Harlech falls to the English after a siege that proves disastrous to Owain Glyndŵr - personally as well as military. There are plenty of Glyndŵr books out now to enable one and all to read in detail the history of this episode in the Glyndŵr War of Independence but, suffice to say here that Glyndŵr escapes and continues to lead the Cymric war effort until 1416 when his son Maredudd takes over to lead in a ''die hard'' guerrilla resistance in the mountainous regions of Gwynedd - and particularly in Meirionnydd which in time becomes the centre of ‘Gwerin Owain’ resistance following Maredudd's surrender in Ebrill 1401. The big question we now pose is, when and how Pobl Glyndŵr are going to annually commemorate and celebrate these patriotically stirring events that took place at Harlech in the years between 1404 - 1409, yes! that's the question?

So, some creative thinking needed! First when to celebrate? Ideally, commemorating the two parliaments calls for an August date but, that would be too close possibly to the ''National Agricultural Show'' in Builth and the Eisteddfod Genedlaethol so, not a very good time to hold a major Pobl Glyndŵr patriotic commemoration although, we have suggested to 'Senedd 04' that perhaps they could hold one of their regular meetings there and thus regularly mark the anniversaries of the two parliaments. For a much larger event, we would suggest that such could be held annually on and about 23 Ebrill, yes! St George's day and why not? as it's kind of significant as a letter was sent on this day by the English garrison to the English parliament seeking further military support. This letter indicates that the garrison was under attack from the Cymry by land and by Glyndŵr's Franco – Breton support from the sea so, we know that it is from this date that Castell Harlech comes under a successful siege. In the first instance, the Cymric forces are led by a local commander, Robin Holland of Eglwys Fach, leading local Glyndŵr forces, thus, we would suggest that the matter of getting an annual commemoration off the ground should fall on the shoulders of Pobl Glyndŵr Meirionnydd/Gwynedd.

To date, it has been the ''commercial interest'' of Harlech that has organised Glyndŵr events as part of a local ''Tourism Initiative'', we can only say that they have done an excellent job that has not entirely ignored local Glyndŵr interests and it is to these ''commercial interests'' that we must thank for making sure that there are loads of 'Baneri Glyndŵr' flying in Ardal Ardudwy. However, in addition to the above, we need a more ''Cymric contribution'' that will reflect the interests and ambitions of Pobl Glyndŵr in Achos Glyndŵr. So please, do not just think on it but do something about it. There’s a need to keep in mind the fact that as we, year by year, mark the 600th anniversaries of the War of Independence from 1400 onwards, our remembrance and commemorative recognition will, of necessity, need to focus much on this “last stand” at Harlech and its very sad, and a lost opportunity to focus attention on Harlech, if there is no local annual commemoration in place. So, If anyone wants to make a go of the above suggestions and needs help do request such from Siân at the Embassy. Let’s see some enthusiasm as befits the heroic defence of Castell Harlech against the might of an English siege.


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