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Wednesday, August 30, 2006


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The present dumping of England’s rubbish in Wales has brought up again the issue of the despoilation of the Welsh environment. However, we will point out and ask why is it when ever such issues arise as despoliation of our landscape it’s only ‘’Environmental Issues’’ that count? Surely HERITAGE IN THE LANDSCAPE is as equally important; there can be do doubt that, at present, the greatest despoiler of our environment and heritage in the landscape is the ‘Wind Milling of Wales’. We have taken particular issue on the awful “no stop” wind milling of Wales and at the moment we are looking into even larger scale wind milling schemes such as at ‘Nant Mountain’ in the Neath valley - which may have a bad effect on SARN ELEN. It seems to go on relentlessly and, ironically, last year they ‘mushroomed’ all over Mynydd Bach in Ceredigion where in the 1820’s the momentous popular struggle of Rhyfel y Sais Bach (1826) took place. It’s all very well verbally opposing these windmills but that is all we have seen year after year, just more and more ‘’TAFF TALK’’ and no action! We are not suggesting OTT action but at least some ‘’FOE/GREEN PEACE’’ kind of “AGIT – PROP” action against the promoters and companies involved in this business. Many of these are based in our fair Cambria such as the ALTERNATIVE TECHNOLOGY CENTRE AT CORRIS who pioneered all this and now, having jumped on this “lucrative for some” bandwagon are some of our own ‘Plaid for God knows what and who’ people such as Cynog Dafis and Dr Dafydd Huws et al. The ‘’Taff Talk’’ seems to be getting nowhere, even the Western Mail’s had enough and bans certain opponents of the “Wind milling of Wales”. One of whom is a well known ‘’angry letter writer’ who, upon being banned, started to use an ‘’ap’’ which fooled ‘the “mule’’ for a while but not a ‘’Windmill Warrior’’ who exposed his opposition in a recent issue of the “mule’’. Of course, this could have been better carried off if a different address had been used? Ah well, such is struggle but, what we really need is some tough talk that’s backed up by “AGIT–PROP” action as first muted on similar “environmental and other social issues’’ by a short lived MUDIAD Y WERIN in the 70’s. Perhaps the time has come for patriots to consider the potential of reviving the idea of such a Social Action Movement? Let us know what you think? In the meantime, read below our contribution to defence of our HERITAGE IN THE LANDSCAPE as part of our ANTUR TARIAN GLYNDŴR INITIATIVE * which proved successful at Carrog and which, in recent years, has concentrated attention on the “I’r GAD – Welsh Battlefields Campaign”, whom I have to thank for information regards St Aubin du Comier battle 1488. (For further info on “I’r Gad” contact gethin.apgruffydd@ntlworld.com)
To Follow: Tarian Glyndŵr - Heritage in the Landscape Defense Campaign:
An Introduction To This Initiative Will Be Posted Soon.
Sian Ifan


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