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Friday, March 23, 2007

MAY 28: Glyndwr's Birth Day. Elusen Glyndwr.


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A day upon which we may celebrate the birth of our ‘Mab Darogan’ but also a day in which we request Pobl Glyndwr patriots to give patriotic purpose and time to charity work on behalf of children. There are so many areas of need to choose from and some of these needs could be in our own communities - such as children in hospital with life threatening difficulties or disadvantaged children. Of course, money raised in a community under the banner of 'Elusen Glyndwr' should go to needy cases in the community but we do request that as part and parcel of this GWAITH ELUSEN GLYNDWR, that consideration also be given to other children, throughout the world, who are victims of war and want.
We are particularly moved this year with the plight of those innocent victims in Iraq and Palestine, and, not least, Darfur and many other areas of Africa. I was personally touched recently by a programme on TV which reported on a village in the Congo which had been visited by atrocities of the worse kind one could imagine - but most touching, was the effort and enthusiasm of a few adults to ensure that the young people got an education. There in their war torn village, from which the educated could so easily flee, a number of teachers chose to stay and open a school but a school without blackboard or books, pencils or exercise books. In fact, a school with no desks in which the young sat on the floor and yet, the enthusiasm of the children to learn was indeed a lesson to those of our own young people who cannot be bothered and just drop out of education.
It seems that the visitation of great evils upon children is far from diminishing as, every day, we witness more and more atrocities in which children are victims, be it of war or of sexual crimes with children being forced into “paedophile brothels” in countries such as Mexico and Cambodia where the young victims suffer physical and sexual abuse of the worse kind. then, of course, we hear of the plight of our own children suffering ill treatment and illnesses that none should have to bear in life, nor parents be burdened with, in unhappiness and tears. More and more, I count my own blessings and often think that the cause that I am involved in is indeed a great vanity and luxury.
It is with such matters heavily in mind that I call upon all 'Pobl Glyndwr' and other patriots to make much more of our annual DYDD PENBLWYDD GLYNDWR, than just a commemoration and celebration of Owain Glyndwr. Let's make May 28th our annual ELUSEN GLYNDWR day, a day that is also a matter of what we can do to assist a little in making it possible for all children in harm's way to be able to start their own joyous celebration of life without pain and suffering. Thus, please, fellow patriots, make May 28 as annualy important to the children of the world as it is for us in celebration of the birth of Owain Glyndwr, our past, present and future ‘Tywysog Cymru’. As for the events and activities you may hold to raise money, we leave such to your imagination but, if ideas are needed, I'm sure we can suggest some.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

The True Flags of Cenedl Glyndwr - Cenedl Cymru Rydd.

Many Nationalists were perturbed by all the “Cilts and Crosses” that appeared on the recent 2007 Cambria/Tartan Centre St David’s Day Parade in Cardiff, prominent were masses of the "Anglican" 'Yellow Cross of Saint David' and White Cross of Saint Pirran of Cornwall.

So, cilts aside, as others are dealing with this very well, There are numerous reasons why Embassy Glyndwr cannot fully support this ''Yellow Cross of Saint David'', but the main one is that we regard 'Baner Glyndwr' as having the historical right to be the senior flag of Wales and the flag of our Cenedl Glyndwr - Cenedl Cymru Rydd. We find it rather ironic and sad in particular, that after all the effort we have made to resurrect the true Welsh National Flag, there are those so called ''nationalists'' who now support a Flag that has more to do with a ''phoney and spuedo patriotism'' than a Free Wales - which is what the 'Cross of Saint David' Flag stands for. In respect to our purposefull patriotic principles, Pobl Glyndwr can only but follow 'Baneri Glyndwr', the 'Four Lions Rampant' Cymric royal flag and Y Ddraig Aur - Glyndwr's Battle Flag.

We know that the chief promoters of the 'Cross of Saint David' Flag are the Welsh Tartan Centres in Cardiff and Swansea, Cambria Magazine and the Miltary and Hospitaller Order of Saint David who are also amongst the chief sponsors and supporters of the annual aforementioned Cardiff 'Dydd Dewi' Parade' and the ''first kilted'' Cambria Band. Also now coming on the side of the Yellow Cross of Saint David, is the newly founded Welsh Christian Party and i musn't leave out Cardiff Football Club - and way before all these, the 38th Welsh Division of the British Army - just in time for WW II. But, of course, the 'Saint David Cross' as an emblem and flag belongs to the initiative of the dis-established ''Anglican'' Church in Wales that had become the Anglican Church in Wales. It was they who, in 1921, invented the Saint David's cross as a means of advancing their newly discovered ''Welsh Identity'' - an image they had to establish fast. However, they were not so successful in these endeavours and perhaps we must look towards John Wake as the person who renewed a promotion of this flag as part and parcel of his ''Cilts Cymru'' Initiative. (see on Web Flags of the World)

At next year's 'Dydd Dewi' parade in Cardiff, we may added the White Saint Andrew's Cross/Saltire and the Red Cross/Saltire of Saint Patrick, what next, the Red Cross of Saint George? Be concerned, as there will be ''Uncle Taffies" out there quite happy to suggest this. The more this Cross of Saint David is promoted and popularised, the more cries we will hear for it to be added to the Union Jack. Do not think that the ''Brits" would not do that, as, after all, St David's Day was an English initiative to pacify the Welsh in 1398 and made a day of celebration for the English Victory at Azincourt in 1415. Shortly before Saint David's Day, Robert Hinton of Cambria Magazine, sponsors of the Cardiff Parade, suggested the "Anglican" Cross of Saint David as an appropriate Seal/Coat of Arms for the Assembly in Cardiiff Bay! Shortly after the Saint David's Parade, the Welsh Christian Party called for 'Y Ddraig Goch' to be abandoned and the Cross of Saint David made the National Flag of Wales.

We are not bothered with what they do with 'Y Ddraig Goch', after all it is a Tudor invention carried to the Battle of Bosworth as a pennant alongside the Cross of Saint George. Y Ddraig Goch only became recognised in it's present form as a national flag in 1959 - by the National Eisteddfod I believe? The 'Cross of Saint David' was "invented" in 1921 as a flag for the dis-established Church of England in Wales.

There is then a Cymric Myth that tells us of a 'Baner Cadwlader', a Rampant Red Dragon ,

whilst history also records the Coats of Arms of many of our Gwledydd - Native Pricipalities, best known are the 'four passive Lions of Gwynedd' the Arms of Llywelyn ap Gruffydd - taken by Edward I who stuck an English Crown dead centre to show it thence belonged to the English Princes of Wales to display when in Wales.

This brings us to 'Baneri Glyndwr'. First, his Royal Standard of the 'Four Lions Rampant' which, since our ressurrection and campaign to promote the use of, this flag is now recognised and used throughout the land. If not the National Flag of Wales, then surely the flag of our Cenedl Glyndwr, thus, the flag Pobl Glyndwr carry and follow before any other Welsh Flag, and remember, it is the most senior flag of our homeland.

Deservingly, it is always this flag that should be to the fore in all parades, not to the rear or simply as one of many flags. This flag should always be accompanied by the Golden Dragon - Battle Flag of Owain Glyndwr and not by the Tudor Red Dragon .

If you've got to wave a cross flag, then please make it a Celtic Cross and not one that is associated with ''Crusading Christians'' who used it to punish those they called ''Heretics'' be they British Pelagians ar Occitan Cathars. Also, a Celtic Cross cannot be placed on a Union Jack.

So Pobl Glyndwr and other Nationalists be loyal to the flags of Glyndwr and no other, and that means at all times, not just at Pobl Glyndwr or nationalist events but also at sports events and at protests ''Ymgyrch Glyndwr Ymlaen'.

including on Saint David's Day Parades.

Embassy Glyndwr policy regards Saint David's Day celebrations and parades:

* We are not opposed to such but believe they need to be organised in as many communities as possible by Local Authorities, local Mentrau Iaith, Urdd Gobaith Cymru, Mudiad Ysgolion Meithrin and all other community groups that wish to participate.
Abertawe Saint David's Day/Week sets an excellent example for other communities to follow.

* Pobl Glyndwr and, we suggest, other Nationalist - Patriots, only fully support such local community St David's Day parades on the condition that it is recognised that a 'CONTINGENT GLYNDWR' will participate, organised behind it's own huge 'BANER GLYNDWR'. All Nationalists Patriots wishing to carry 'Baneri Glyndwr' will be requested to march behind this 'Baner Glyndwr' which may be flanked by the Red Rampant Dragon of Cadwladr and Gold Rampant Dragon of Glyndwr. This will make it absolutly clear that this is a body of Pobl Glyndwr who are truely 'Juratus Oweyn' and seek restoration of 'CENEDL GLYNDWR' and the re-establishment of a true 'SENEDD GLYNDWR'.

* Pobl Glyndwr and other Nationalist Patriots will be reminded that 'Baneri Glyndwr' both, Lions Rampant and Y Ddraig Aur, are the only historically proved senior baners of Cymru - Cenedl Glyndwr. Thus there is no way these banners will be seen as secondary to any other percieved ''Welsh Flag'' be it Y Ddraig Goch and certainly not by the junior ''Anglican'' Saint David's Yellow Cross as promoted by the Church of England in Wales, Tartan Centre, MHOSD, WCP, Cambria Magazine and the Cambria Band.

Further, Pobl Glyndwr note, that Embassy Glyndwr, in no way supports, the annual Cambria/Tartan Centre Saint David's Day parade. Indeed, we call upon Pobl Glyndwr to boycott and instead focus more attention, effort, energy and enthusiasm in organising to support commemorations and parades for:

* 16 Medi 'Dydd Glyndwr' locally and at Corwen.

* 28 Mai 'Dydd Elusen Glyndwr' locally to mark Owain's B.D.

* 21 Mehefin 'Dydd y Senedd/Dydd y Coroni at Machynlleth.

It is not a hard and fast rule but, whenever possible, and for whatever parade, Pobl Glyndwr /Nationalist - patriotic support organisers should request to carry one solitary 'Baner Glyndwr' to the fore, - as it is the most senior of Welsh Flags. If this is not accepted then a 'Contigent Glyndwr' is proposed, if that is rejected, then, obviously, Pobl Glyndwr and others of like mind will not support any parades that turn down such reasonable requests. There are many reasons to take such a stand, the obvious being that we not not wish to see Pobl Glyndwr and other Nationalist - Patriots misused as they have been regards the annual Cambria/Tartan Centre 'Dydd Dewi' parade in Caerdydd. Neither do we want any ambiguities such as being conned that to follow Y Ddraig Goch and ''Anglican'' Yellow Cross of Saint David is correct as these flags have strong ''British/Anglo/Welsh'' associations. It is sad and angers us to see Pobl Glyndwr made to look as if they are traitors to 'Achos Glyndwr'.

Pobl Glyndwr be Loyal to the 'Red & Yellow'...

not, the 'Yellow & Black'.

Juratus Oweyn.

Glyndwr's Oaks will only grow strong,

if Pobl Glyndwr are strong willed!

Gethin ap Gruffydd: Embassy Researcher.
'Juatus Oweyn'

Pobl Glyndwr and other Nationalists note:

This picture is of 'Parliament Green' at Canolfan Senedd Dy Glyndwr, Machynlleth. The picture was taken at dawn this year and has had to be digitally lightened. Above is Penrallt upon which is 'Craig Coroni Glyndwr' and 'Golygfa Glyndwr', it is here we hold our annual 'Welcome of the Dawn' of 'Troad y Rhod' on 21 Mehefin - 'Dydd y Senedd/Dydd y Coroni Glyndwr'. This ceremony was initiated on 21 Mehefin 2004 and has since been sustained there by Embassy Staff alone unfortunatly! A further ceremony launched in 2004, at the time of the great Coffad 1404 Commemoration, was that of inviting patriots to swear an annual oath of 'Juratus Oweyn' upon Parliament Green. Under circumstances outlined in this posting, we feel there is a need to set out to revive this 'Juratus Oweyn' ceremony as an annual event. We feel there is need for other Nationalist - Patriots to have the opportnuity to swear 'Juratus Oweyn' and also a need for the opportunity for Pobl Glyndwr to reaffirm their oath of 'Juratus Oweyn' which so many seem to forget so easily. SO, PATRIOTS NOTE, FUTURE POSTINGS WILL INFORM ON THIS RENEWDED LAST AND FINAL ATTEMPT BY EMBASSY GLYNDWR TO MAKE THE MACHYNLLETH GLYNDWR COMMEMORATION ON AND AROUND THE 21 MEHEFIN ANNUALLY THE GREATEST OF NATIONALIST GATHERINGS TO CELEBRATE OUR PRINCE. NB: We shall not ourselves organise this but see it as the responsibility of Ardal Machynlleth Pobl Glyndwr to arise to the occasion as convenors of such an important annual commemoration and ceremonies as the welcome of the dawn at Craig Coroni Glyndwr and of 'Juratus Oweyn' at Parliament Green. After all, should not Machynleth patriots be more than just proud of living in Machynlleth but activelly do all possible to ensure it remainsl Prif Ddinas Owain IV. To help serve and advance such a great patriotic purpose, we shall shortly set up a blog: CENEDL GLYNDWR, Please note, a special announcement posting will be published soon in this blog, Owain Glyndwr Communicates, giving out further information.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Coffad Glyndwr: Regional Monthly Commemoration Calender.

‘Coffad Glyndŵr’

Below are important Dates of significance in the Last Great War of Welsh Independence, we have placed such in a monthly order, not strictly chronological but so as to make it clear as to usefulness regards the organisation of regional commemorative importance. You will note that those historical events marked out in purple signify that over these past years, since the year 2000, communities have organised 600th anniversary commemorations.

12th January 1406: Ratification of the Franco – Welsh Treaty at Aberystwyth Castle.

28th February 1405: Signing of the Tri – Partite Indenture at Aberdaron. We assisted the church with an exhibition and the local school was visited by Glyndwr puppet show.

11th March 1405: Battle of Grosmont in Gwent, an English Victory.

8th April 1421: Maredudd Ab Owain in Eryri accepts Pardon and surrenders.

10th May 1404: The Dogellau Conference of Prince Owain’s Chief Advisors. A very successful event in which we aided and assisted.

28 May 1345: Owain Glyndwr's Birthday. Annual all Cymru Celebrations.

21 Mehefin 1404 Machynlleth (Dydd y Senedd 1404 - 2004. Great weekend of activities in 2004 but sadly turned out to be a “one off" 600th Anniversary Commemoration’’)
NB: Patriots note, that we shall be making a renewed effort to get an annual commemoration in Machynlleth re- launched this year. Keep eye on future postings.

22nd June 1402: A great Welsh Victory at the Battle of Bryn Glas, Pilleth. COFIWN held an event there in 1971 (long before anyone else thought of it) and raised up a wooden memorial plaque. Photos of this early COFIWN commemoration are now in the Ty Cenedl Collection at the National Library of Wales, and film footage of the event will be on the COFIWN DVD to be released possibly by this year's Eisteddfod but certainly by Llywelyn Day this year.

6th July 1403: The English Royal Castle of Caerfyrddin surrenders to Prince Owain.
Photo below is of the Mayor of Caerfyrddin Peter Huws Griffiths, re-enacting the handing over of the keys of the castle to Prince Owain Glyndwr following on a very succesful Ystrad Tywi field trip from Llanymddyfri, continuing on to Castell Llansteffan in 2003.

20th August 1404: Battle of Craig y Dorth in Gwent, a Welsh Victory. (see our contribution to "I'r Gad" Welsh Battlefield Campaign).

16th September 1400: Owain declared ‘Tywysog Cymru’ at Llys Glyndyfrdwy, Sadly only marked by an annual declaration by Embassy Glyndwr at Llys Glyndyfrwdy

But, as from this year, we are trying to promote an “autonomous action” at Caerdrewyn to commemorate the gathering, on 18 Medi 1400, of Glyndwr's first small army - which is to grow in time to become a National Army of Liberation.

The gathering at Caerdrewyn of the men of the 'Gwlad Glyndwr' led to the subsequent raid on Ruthun and other English Castle Towns of the North East.

However with a new Glyndwr statue being placed in Corwen this year the Council and community of Corwen will hopefully get to it, and do us all proud by the organising of a major annual commemoration.

This date/event we regard of national significance as a national commemoration but as a growing number of communities are now organising 16 Medi 1400 'Dydd Glyndwr' events, then we suggest that perhaps patriots, at least for once in their lives, attend the Corwen Commemoration this year and visit Corwen, Llys Glyndyfrdwy, Pen y Pigyn and Caerdrewyn .
This national event is anyway held on the Saturday following 16 Medi, and thus, attendence of such need not clash with your local 'Dydd Glyndwr' celebrations (see below re local activites).

However, we do hope patriots will continue to give much priority promotion to local 'Dydd Glyndwr' events actually being held on 16 Medi. Such need not be festivals only, as you, in time, will have your own regional monthly commemoration programme of Hanes Glyndwr events such as Local Library Exhibitions, School activities, Dinners and Dances, Cultural Evenings, and so on.
See opposite photos of the Tafarn Owain Glyndwr at Gwern y Mynydd, the location of Flintshires's main 'Dydd Glyndwr' commemoration.
In Gwent, excellent 'Dydd Glyndwr Celebrations are held at the Bell Inn, Caerleon.

9th October 1401: Execution of Llywelyn ap Gruffydd Fychan at Llanymddyfri. This is marked has done but, in fact, we refer to the fact that the memorial has been unveiled (not on the anniversary date but in the Summer) floral tributes to be placed however on this correct date as given here.

NB: See our postings regards our attempts to make the above 6th July 1403 'Haf Glyndwr', the major Western 'Ystrad Tywi' Glyndwr annual Regional 'Gwyl Glyndwr'. Photo below shows raising up of 'Baneri Glyndwr' at Castell Dryslwyn.

2nd November 1400: Prince Owain raises the Golden Dragon Banner at Caernarfon.

25th December 1407: Prince Owain and family spend Christmas at Harlech Castle. No one, as of yet, has organised an Xmas Commemoration Celebration at Harlech, but, what a wonderful opportunity for local Pobl Glyndwr to organise a 'Teyrnas Glyndwr' style traditional Welsh medieval event. I shall be giving this some research and planning attention, those with an interest in helping to organise and/or participate in developing this as an annual 'Hanes Glyndwr' event please contact me asap. Be you local or nationally based, Just get in touch by phone if you wish: 01792 533508.

Other events we know have been organised at:

* Ruthun held a marvellous event in September of 1400 whilst Corwen did not (Yes that’s true, but neither would Machynlleth have done in 2004 unless Embassy Glyndwr intervened) but thankfully, the annual Railway festival held a Glyndwr theme Exhibition loaned to them by CADW.

* Glyndwr festivals in Machynlleth had been first organised by the Patriotic Front but with advent of COFIWN, Caerdrewyn/Corwen became the centre for annual successful September Commemorations. Embassy Glyndwr continues to promote same to this day, as still the local council nor the local community bother to organise an annual commemoration, though, they did organise a successfull one in 2004 but, to date, have not continued with the good work.

* A successful 'Gwyl Henri Dwn' (Arwr Glyndwr) in Cydweli, Castle occupied in 'Baner Glyndwr' protest.

* Aberaeron’s annual festival had a Glyndwr theme in 2005

*An annual Commemorative Gwyl Glyndwr has been held at Coity since 2000 commemorating and re-enacting the long siege by the Cymry of this Castle 1403 – 1405.

* An annual Gwyl Glyndwr event has been held at Abercraf since 2004 Comemorating local Welsh Support for Owain Glyndwr.

* Annual event has been held at Hope, since 2003 To commemorate the Cymry burning the town in August of 1403.

* In 2005, There was a significant commemoration in Bryn Buga to commemorate the ‘Battle of Usk' in 1405.

* A significant commemoration was held with a walk atop Woodbury Hill in 2005.

Hopefully, over the coming years we hope local patriots will work with us in building up major ''regional'' Glyndwr festivals in the following communities in particular. At Aberystwyth on May Day Bank Holiday Weekend, and at Harlech over the August Bank Holiday Weekend. If interested in helping us in such worthy developments of Coffad Glyndwr and the advance of 'Achos Glyndwr' then, contact us at Embassy Glyndwr. However, as such takes time, it may be the case that such commemorations will not be up and running until 2008 - 9, thus we suggest that pobl Glyndwr all over the land organise outings for visits to Castyll Abersytwyth and Harlech for their own raising up of 'Baneri Glyndwr' over the Bank Holiday weekends suggested above. All such actions help to raise up the tempo.

...Maybe, with a contemporary and a greater significant patriotic purpose, and with those in mind who support the present political pro - Independence struggle, we say the time for talk is over, now is the time for action. Indeed what better place to begin with a 'Statement of Intent' than at Castell Aberystwyth on May Day 2007, 600 years after the English began their siege of the Castle there during the period when it was held by Rhys Ddu ap Gruffydd, Arwr Glyndwr Ceredigion (later to be executed in London, see future posting). Then, why not fully launch an active campaign - a struggle for Welsh Independance, in Harlech, over the August Bank Holiday - 600 years after the English lay siege to that Castle? Thus, may we turn the history of patriotic retreat into a future of patriotic revival.

We can suggest such but cannot organise such and have forwarded our suggestions to the only existing ''body'' that now advances the continued struggle for Independance: http://independent-wales.blogspot.com

If you agree with our proposals, why not contact them, saying so? In the meantime we shall get on with the promotion of 'Citadel Glyndwr' festivals in and around Cestyll Aberystwyth and Harlech, keeping you informed of any developments in future postings.


Other Future Postings will focus on:

* Our continuing Gwaith Glyndwr such as Stalls, Exhibitions and Field Trips.
* Our Achievements From 'Baneri Glyndwr' to 'Coron Glyndwr'
* A full explanation of our 'Achos Glyndwr' Towards 'Cenedl Glyndwr'.
Plus much more - including a posting on:
* Products Glyndwr/Siop Glyndwr.


Juratus Oweyn

‘Juratus Oweyn’.