Promoting an interest in the history of Owain Glyndwr, the Welsh Son of Prophecy, his life, times and society and his great Welsh War of Independence;also promoting causes today in Glyndwr's spirit and promoting the flying of the Glyndwr flag on Sept 16 Glyndwr Day.

Friday, March 23, 2007

MAY 28: Glyndwr's Birth Day. Elusen Glyndwr.


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A day upon which we may celebrate the birth of our ‘Mab Darogan’ but also a day in which we request Pobl Glyndwr patriots to give patriotic purpose and time to charity work on behalf of children. There are so many areas of need to choose from and some of these needs could be in our own communities - such as children in hospital with life threatening difficulties or disadvantaged children. Of course, money raised in a community under the banner of 'Elusen Glyndwr' should go to needy cases in the community but we do request that as part and parcel of this GWAITH ELUSEN GLYNDWR, that consideration also be given to other children, throughout the world, who are victims of war and want.
We are particularly moved this year with the plight of those innocent victims in Iraq and Palestine, and, not least, Darfur and many other areas of Africa. I was personally touched recently by a programme on TV which reported on a village in the Congo which had been visited by atrocities of the worse kind one could imagine - but most touching, was the effort and enthusiasm of a few adults to ensure that the young people got an education. There in their war torn village, from which the educated could so easily flee, a number of teachers chose to stay and open a school but a school without blackboard or books, pencils or exercise books. In fact, a school with no desks in which the young sat on the floor and yet, the enthusiasm of the children to learn was indeed a lesson to those of our own young people who cannot be bothered and just drop out of education.
It seems that the visitation of great evils upon children is far from diminishing as, every day, we witness more and more atrocities in which children are victims, be it of war or of sexual crimes with children being forced into “paedophile brothels” in countries such as Mexico and Cambodia where the young victims suffer physical and sexual abuse of the worse kind. then, of course, we hear of the plight of our own children suffering ill treatment and illnesses that none should have to bear in life, nor parents be burdened with, in unhappiness and tears. More and more, I count my own blessings and often think that the cause that I am involved in is indeed a great vanity and luxury.
It is with such matters heavily in mind that I call upon all 'Pobl Glyndwr' and other patriots to make much more of our annual DYDD PENBLWYDD GLYNDWR, than just a commemoration and celebration of Owain Glyndwr. Let's make May 28th our annual ELUSEN GLYNDWR day, a day that is also a matter of what we can do to assist a little in making it possible for all children in harm's way to be able to start their own joyous celebration of life without pain and suffering. Thus, please, fellow patriots, make May 28 as annualy important to the children of the world as it is for us in celebration of the birth of Owain Glyndwr, our past, present and future ‘Tywysog Cymru’. As for the events and activities you may hold to raise money, we leave such to your imagination but, if ideas are needed, I'm sure we can suggest some.