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Sunday, March 04, 2007

The Feathers dipped in alcohol.

On St David's Day, Cwrt Sart Comprehensive school, Briton Ferry banned one of their pupils from wearing a Welsh Rugby Sport shirt bearing the 'Three Feathers' stating that it was against school policy. Understandingly, the family and other people in the community were furious especially as it turned out that some classes in the school were allowed to wear similar shirts as they were participating in a school Eisteddfod.

Embassy Glyndwr would promote the wearing of national costumes in our schools on national days of importance such as Dydd Gwyl Dewi, Dydd y Senedd and Dydd Owain Glyndwr but we must point out (again) that the 'Three Feathers' emblem on these rugby shirts are not Welsh. See our earlier postings on this.

Unfortunately, if you look at Dydd Gwyl Dewi school photos in the press, the majority of boys are wearing rugby shirts sporting the 'Three Feathers (The Swansea Evening Post, for instance, had a 32 page supplement dedicated to such group photos) and then, on top of this, a great many of these shirts worn by the children in the photos were advertising 'Brains' beer. Now, isn't this a double dose of brainwashing for our children? In the first instance, generation after generation of our children are brainwashed to accept 'The Three Feathers' as a Welsh emblem to be proud to wear when that's far from the truth and then they're brainwashed to believe that Brains bitter must be good because its, also, advertised on their rugby shirts! Shouldn't Local Authorities, School Governers, headmasters and teachers be concerned that children are wearing clothing that advertise alcohol, would they allow cigarette advertising?, of corse not as such has been banned, therfore why are they allowing children to come to school wearing clothing that advertise alcohol.

There are two issues here that need to be addressed promptly so write your letters of anger to the relevant authorities and headmasters in your community and we would suggest that parents who buy these products for their children to think again. Do you want your children to wear an emblem that means that they "will serve" an English Prince? or would you rather they are seen to be sporting an emblem of the 4 Lions Rampant of Owain Glyndwr, our own great national hero.
Sian Ifan

Juratus Oweyn