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Friday, December 01, 2006

Cilmeri 1966 - 2006 40th Anniversary Commemoration.

Llysgenhadaeth/Embassy Glyndŵr Posting 31 - 11 - 2006.

Pic shows Llysgenhadaeth/ Embassy Baner at Cilmeri 2004 (c) Visions Glyndŵr. The moment shows, for the first time in the history of Cilmeri, a protest being carried out against a speaker with 'Cilmeriaid' having turned their backs on him.

Greeting for the Cilmeri Commemoration 1966 - 2006 40th Anniversary gathering.
May this longest running annual Rally of Patriots continue successfully with great pride and purpose.
Having been involved in the past, via COFIWN, with the Cilmeri commemoration, I will take this opportunity to remind one and all that 2007 not only marks the 725th anniversary of the tragic events of 1282 but that the year also marks the 25th anniversary of the great COFIWN Cilmeri Commemoration of 1982. It is with both anniversaries in mind that I am pleased to announce my intention to personally contribute to an Ysbryd COFIWN Initiative with the production of a DVD of COFIWN film footage of a number of early Cilmeri gatherings. The COFIWN CILMERI DVD is intended for wider public viewing and its intended to hold its premier at a COFIWN Reunion event held in association with the 1282 anniversary commemoration events held during 2007. More news of the DVD in due course and any ex member of COFIWN wishing to attend the reunion should contact me asap.

For further information on the Cilmeri Commemoration story please note, Embassy ex Information Attache G.ap Gruffydd has put up an excellent CILMERI COMMEMORATION 40 TRIBUTE BLOG http://anturysbrydcofiwn.blogspot.com If you have trouble reaching directly through this URL then you may alternatively visit this blog via Welsh Blog - Welsh Bloggers - Blog Cymru simply reached by search on Google for Cilmeri Commemoration or Antur Ysbryd Cofiwn.
Am y tro.
Siân Ifan


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