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Thursday, November 09, 2006


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Cofiwn Cilmeri Commemoration 1966 - 2006.

Er Cof Am Toni Lewis 8 Tachwedd 2005: This posting 8 Tachwedd 2006.

Pic 2005: Poster Tribute to Toni Lewis.

In the first instance, may I draw your attention to the fact that today marks the first anniversary of Toni Lewis’s departure from this world; a great friend and up to his death, Patron in Chief of Embassy Glyndŵr. Of course, Toni was also a great contemporary patriot who contributed a great deal to our patriotic cause and struggle. He was co founder of the Patriotic Front and it’s President until he was arrested, tried and imprisoned in 1969 for taking part in the organisation of an opposition to the Investiture of an Englishman as ‘Prince of Wales’. Later, Toni was to go on to co found COFIWN with Gethin ap Gruffydd and Eurig ap Gwylym - another hard working patriot and good friend that deserves remembrance. However, it was through COFIWN that I first met Toni and then worked closely with him for thirty years – until his death.

Pic: G.ap Gruffydd (c) Cofiwn Car Sticker.

Embassy Glyndŵr is descended from COFIWN who built and sustained the annual Cilmeri gathering for many years but the connection goes much further than that; Toni Lewis and Gethin ap Gruffydd, our former attaché officer, co - founded the annual Cilmeri Rally in 1966 thus, we fully support the below endeavours

COFIWN 1282.

Pic: G.ap Gruffydd (c) Remains of Castell Aberedw.

On 11 December 1282, Llywelyn ap Gruffydd, Prince of Gwynedd. Tywysog Cymru 1257 - 1282 was killed at Aberedw in central Cymru. Not too far away, at Cilmeri, stands a memorial to mark this tragic event that is seen as the beginning of the conquest of Cymru 1282- 84. Since 1966, an annual gathering of ‘Adfywiadwyr Gwlatgarol’ has been held at Cilmeri Initiated and launched by the Patriotic Front. This year marks the 40th anniversary of this gathering. For the full history, medieval and contemporary I suggest you view the following blog: http://anturysbrydcofiwn.blogspot.com and you may also, for further information, contact gethin.apgruffydd@ntlworld.com

Pic: G.ap Gruffydd (c). Gethin makes tribute to Toni speech at Cilmeri Cenotaph 2005.

Above mentioned blog is a useful source for suggestions as to how you may contribute nationally to the annual remembrance of 1282 and also provides useful information for those who want to take a pre Xmas Remembrance 1282 weekend break ( 9 – 10 Rhagfyr) in Central Wales visiting all the sites associated with the last days of Llywelyn ap Gruffydd. As follows:

• 10 Rhagfyr 1282: Byddin Gwynedd makes camp at Rhosferig.

Pic: G.ap Gruffydd (c)
Gethin Rises up Baner Llywelyn at Rhosferig 2005.

11 Rhagfyr 1282: Llywelyn and 18 of his personal bodyguard ride to Aberedw. Llywelyn was mortally wounded and the soldiers that made up his bodyguard killed. Later, Llywelyn and his priest were brutally murdered in a cave today known as 'Ogof Llywelyn'.

Pic: G.ap Gruffydd (c)
St Cewydd's Church at Aberedw.

12 Rhagfyr 1282: Llywelyn’s army are told of his death and are induced to lay down their arms in surrender and a massacre follows. Today, the Builth golf course at Parc ar Irfon covers the site of this massacre.

Pic: G.ap Gruffydd (c) 2005.
The Afon Irfon at Bont Rhosferig close to Parc ar Irfon.

So what of Cilmeri? Unfortunately, the ‘’traditional view’’ of Llywelyn III having been killed at ‘Cefn y Bedd’ is all very much another one of those ‘’Victorian myths’’ similar to that of Gelert’s grave. So, what of the Cilmeri rally? Well, even though the Cilmeri Cenotaph has been erroneously placed, it is in the general area of the above historic account and thus, it is unnecessary to consider moving the cenotaph now or, indeed, to abandon the annual Cilmeri Rally. However, for those who are not keen on the ‘’politics’’ of Cilmeri or, those like ''Stifyn''(see Welsh Republican Forum) who are fed up with the occasional antics of some who attend the annual Cilmeri gathering, there are other important 1282 ‘’sacred sites’’ worth visiting in Central Wales - as has been noted above and you may, if you wish, on Saturday 9th December proceed on your own Taith Coffâd 1282 as your contribution to the annual Day of 1282; as follows:

Visit Rhosferig via Llanganten Church in the morning, proceed (you may walk or go by car) to Parc ar Irfon to place flower tributes in memory of ‘Byddin Llywelyn’ massacred there as noted above. COFIWN promoted the wearing of an Ivy leaf as a symbol of remembrance on this day so it would be appropriate to throw bunches of ivy or wreaths made of ivy into the Afon Irfon from Bont Rhosferig. At this point a break for dinner could be taken at Neuadd Caerberis, which is close by, or in Builth Wells allowing an opportunity then to visit the Castle there. You could then proceed to Aberedw to visit the castle there and, weather permitting, make way to the patriotic shrine of Ogof Llywelyn. Do note, it is advisable to be equipped with winter weather clothing and good walking boots along with a ‘footpath map’ which can be downloaded off the internet. Also, bear in mind that it gets dark early at this time of year so allow sufficient time to visit the cave and a return to Aberedw in daylight. The day could conclude with a meal at the Seven Stars Restaurant in Aberedw (highly recommended) in the good company of other patriots before departing for home. Alternatively, if staying the night locally, we suggest you visit the Cilmeri cenotaph on the Sunday morning followed by Sunday dinner in the Tafarn Cilmeri before proceeding on to Abaty Cwm Hir for the annual 1282 Remembrance Service at the COFIWN Llywelyn ap Gruffydd memorial there. Following this service, refreshments could be taken at the Happy Union Tafarn in Abaty Cwm Hir.

Pic: G.ap Gruffydd (c)
Cofiwn memorial at abaty Cwm Hir.

ANTUR YSBRYD COFIWN INITIATIVE 1282 – 2007 Initiative. See blog noted above.

I myself, and others who work with Embassy Glyndŵr, have a deep historical association with the annual 1282 Remembrance and also with the Cilmeri Commemoration via our previous ’COFIWN’ work on this commemoration and thus, not only do we continue in our support for this annual initiative, a number of us intend to add our own contributions to the 2007 events and it’s success. This short term initiative will, in the main, be concerned with the promotion of a suitable 1282, 725th national commemoration for 2007 - but note, we stress ‘promotion’ and not ‘organisation’ as was carried out by COFIWN in 1982. This time around, we see COFFAD 1282 – 2007 as in needing of a more cooperative effort by local councils and community organisations such as the Mentrau Iaith etc rather than the ‘’autonomous affair’’ organised and sponsored by COFIWN in 1982. However, the concluding commemoration of 2007 in Central Cymru will include all who wish to be involved and participate in the organisation of commemorative events and activities. We are willing to aid and assist with advice but ourselves, will organise our contribution in association but independent of the above as suits our needs. In the main, the YSBRYD COFIWN Initiative will focus on an event which, by nature and content, will be more of an ‘YSBRYD COFIWN REUNION’, Thus, those who have been COFIWN members, supporters and sympathisers during the ‘’COFIWN years’’, do get in touch for further information. Please note, that by 2007 an YSBRYD COFIWN Initiative’ will have published a guide for touring sites associated with the 1282 – 84 history. Also, the same ‘YSBRYD COFIWN Initiative group hopes to make historic film footage of the early COFIWN commemorative outings and rallies as well as the COFIWN 1282 Commemorative work and the big COFIA LLYWELYN 1282 RALLY available on DVD by next year - in time, we hope, to ‘’premier’’ at the annual December 1282 Remembrance in Central Cymru. More info in due course.

Historical Note: Many of us who have been involved with the annual Cilmeri gathering from the beginning have been guided by the erroneous account of the so called ‘Battle of Irfon Bridge’ 11th December 1282. Rather pathetic that even Welsh Nationalists, from Gwynfor to Harri Web - and including COFIWN, fell for English lies accounting for the last days of Llywelyn ap Gruffydd. We all got it wrong! Thankfully, putting us right is the work of Welsh Historian Anthony Edwards in his numerous writings on a more truthful account as to what occurred over the days of the 10th 11th and 12th of Rhagfyr 1282. It is now more than appropriate that, with the 40th anniversary of the Rali Cilmeri 1966 – 2006 being on the horizon and with next year the 725th Anniversary of the events of 1282 coming to the fore of our rememberancer minds and, not forgetting that it is also the 25th anniversary of the great COFIWN 1982 Rally at Cilmeri, that we as patriots make a greater effort to advance the truth of this important chapter of our history amongst our people and you cam make a start on this by reading yourselves the writings of Anthony Edwards; they are as follows:

• Marwolaeth llywelyn ap gruffydd – Y Gwrionedd (1987).

• The Ghosts on the Fairway – The Army that vanished (1988).

• Appointment at Aberdwy (1992).

• The Massacre at Aberedw (1999).

It is for these reasons that the YSBRYD COFIWN Initiative now focus on Aberedw rather than Cilmeri and offers alternatives to the annual Cilmeri Commemoration - although remaining supportive of the annual traditional patriots gathering that has been long held there.

Siân Ifan.


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