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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Glyndwr's Dream - Is It Dead?

'Glyndwr's Dream'.
Is still strong, at the below:
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When will it ever be time? - unless we make the time!

That, is up to all you patriots out there and to 'Pobl Glyndŵr' in particular. What are you going to do about it? I think it is time for some 'Hanes Glyndwr', to remind you of what it really means to be 'Juratus Oweyn'.

16 Medi 1400, at Glyndyfrdwy, the Struggle for Independence is declared and on the 18 Medi 1400, a small 'Byddin Cymru' gathers at Caerdrewyn and sets out to attack the English Garrison town of Ruthun and so begins The last Great War of Welsh Independence.
.............................................By 1401 Glyndŵr defeats an Anglo - Flemish army at the Battle of Hyddgen.......
.....and at the end of this year, on the 2 Tachwedd 1404, he appears upon Twtil, Caernarfon and raises up 'Baner y Ddraig Aur' his 'battle flag' and throws down a guantlet to English Rule in Cymru...............

....................I wonder if the patriots of today are ready to throw down the guantlet to English Rule of Wales?

..................................................................................................But on with the history! In 1402, following on the great Victory at the 'Battle of Bryn Glas' 22 Mehefin 1402, Owain Glyndŵr leads the Cymry onward to fulfil the great dream of INDEPENDENCE.

In 1403, the Cymry of Cydweli rise up and besiege the Castle. Likewise in Ystrad Tywi, 'Y Cymry' rise up and beseige the Castles there. Owain Glyndwr leads a great Army of National Liberation into Llandovery on 1 July 1403 and by the 6th July 1403, the Castle of Carmarthen surrenders, without a fight, and the Castle's keys are handed to Glyndŵr.....

But does Glyndŵr and his followers stop there? NO! By the end of the year the great Castles of Aberystwyth and Harlech are put to seige.....

..By virtue of great conviction and great courage, the greatest gathering in our Nation's history takes place at Machynlleth by Mid Summer of 1404 to establish there a 'SENEDD GLYNDŴR' and on 21 Mehefin 1404, this 'Senedd' proclaims and crowns Owain Glyndŵr 'Tywysog Cymru'.

Your Hanes Glyndŵr -


Some 600 years following on the above:

The Western Mail of course means 'INDEPENDENCE' but is this the truth, have today's Welsh Patriots given up on 'Glyndŵr's Dream?' HAVE YOU? or are you going to continue that struggle began on 16 Medi 1400, and which achieved success on 21 Mehefin 1404. However, a success that did not last. In the years that followed, the English launched a renewed great military offensive and one of "Glyndŵr's Bastions'', Castell Aberystwyth, fell into English hands in 1408, whilst the other, Castell Harlech, fell in 1409. In the year of 1415, Owain Glyndŵr became weary of struggle and ''disappears?'', but his son, Maredudd, continues the struggle until April 21, 1421. He then surrenders but the ''Gwerin Owain - Partisan Outlaws'' continue the struggle for many more years in the wild woods of Wales. However. Welsh Independence is lost and our 'SENEDD GLYNDŴR' no more. There are those who say such will never be restored, and those who say, it is but a dream, it seems, according to the Western Mail, it will remain a dream. Unless you, continue to march with our past, present and future 'Tywysog Cymru', and of course are prepared for an untiring patriotic struggle believing in ultimate victory.

Gethin ap Gruffydd.

'Juratus Oweyn'.