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Friday, January 05, 2007

6 March 1406: The Death of Hywel Gwynedd.

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All Pics : Sian Ifan C) Visions Glyndŵr,

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Baneri Glyndŵr raised at Moel y Gaer,

view is facing towards England.

Dydd Arall yn Hanes Glyndŵr.

The Death of Hywel Gwynedd.

Ramparts of Moel y Gaer.
Er Cof Am
Hywel Gwynedd
Arwr Glyndŵraidd
Lladdwyd yn Moel Y Gaer, Sir y Fflint
6 Mawrth 1406

Ramparts with View inland.

A proposed new Glyndŵr Commemoration: We had hoped to launch this event last year on the 600th anniversary of the death of the great ‘’Flintshire Freedom Fighter’’ Hywel Gwynedd but unfortunately we just could not find the time to complete both our historical and "on the ground" research work. This work is now completed allowing us to turn our attention to other, up to now, neglected issues. Therefore, this posting is intended to serve as a provisional announcement of our proposals for a major annual Glyndŵr commemoration in Flintshire. Here we will provide you with some basic details and photographs which will be followed shortly (in a future posting) by an article on Hywel Gwynedd. Other news is that we are in the process of advancing a new Owain Glyndŵr Memorial Initiative with enthusiastic ‘Pobl Glyndŵr’ in the North East; further details will be made public soon.

Centre of Moel y Gaer, suitable for an annual Patriotic Commemoration and a memorial maybe?

Yes! It was very remiss of Embassy Glyndŵr not to have been more pro - active in organising a 600th anniversary ceremony but we cannot do everything and information had been sent out to Pobl Glyndŵr in the North East in the hope that they would follow the Embassy Glyndwr philosophy that each community should form a strong committee and then use their own initiative to set a commemorative project in motion but, clearly, in this case they did not thus, we will be more pro – active this year in promoting our proposals regards the launching of an annual Hywel Gwynedd ‘Arwyr Glyndŵr’ Commemoration at Moel y Gaer. However, we will be complying with our usual Embassy Glyndŵr policy of leaving local organisation to those Pobl Glyndŵr of the North East who will show an interest and make positive moves forward regards our proposals. After all, how could Flintshire Pobl Glyndŵr forget and ignore such a local hero and great patriot ‘’Freedom Fighter’’ of the War of National Liberation 1400 – 16 – 21? So, what can be done. Well, we have "scouted out" the area and we see that Moel y Gaer is a fantastic site for a Pobl Glyndŵr commemorative gathering and we foresee much that can be done over the years to make of it a really major commemoration but, for this year, at the very least, we hope floral and Ivy tributes will be placed at Moel y Gaer in memory of the patriots who died there on 6 March 1406, remembering also their brave attempts to liberate ‘’English Occupied Flintshire’’. We, of course, hope to see as many ‘Baneri Glyndŵr’ as possible being raised up on Moel y Gaer on the suggested Commemoration Day of 10 March 2007, this Saturday follows 6 March, the actual date upon which Hywel Gwynedd and his fellow Patriotic partisans were killed. This event will mark a tragic event in ‘Hanes Glyndŵr’ but the fact that we are ''Yma o Hyd'' six centuries later declares that this commemoration is one of continued Cymric Patriotic Defiance to show that the struggle for Cymru continues in Flintshire. Further, regards the above, we are calling upon Patriots who are attending the Mold Eisteddfod this year and whom cannot make the commemoration in March, to visit Moel y Gaer and have yourself a ‘Pobl Glyndŵr Picnic’ at site of this ancient fortress which has splendid all around views of our homeland as well as across the estuary views towards England.

Baner Glyndŵr at Moel y Gaer.

Further information from Embassy Glyndŵr, if wishing to be involved in future commemoration and memorial work do please let us know and we will get back in touch.

Other important dates in Welsh History: 18 Ionawr 1316, Llywelyn Bren begins the last Welsh Rebellion prior to the Owain Glyndŵr War if Independence. Although, let us not forget the ‘’Welsh Troubles’’ in Northern Wales in 1345. Our next Embassy Glyndŵr posting will, in fact, be about these "Welsh Troubles" and the St Valentines Day Massacre 14 Chwefror 1345.

Keep in mind that Owain Glyndŵr was born in 1354 just nine years after the "Welsh Troubles" of 1345 and it was the continuing discontent in Y Perfeddwlad which was to produce the conditions that made the Owain Glyndŵr led war of National Liberation possible. So look forward to another great read in this OWAIN GLYNDŴR COMMUNICATES Blog, please tell other patriots about our blog and we remind one and all that you do not have to wait until St David’s Day to start your patriotic gatherings or patriotic rallies, marching with our Cymric banners held high may start on the dates mentioned above in commemoration of great events in our history.

Other Business: This year marks the 725th anniversary of the war of 1282 and of course the death of Llywelyn ap Gruffydd, we have suggested that commemoration of this most historic event begins at Castell Caergwrle on the 725th anniversary of Dafydd ap Gruffydd mobilising for an attack on the Castle of Penarlag. This event took place on the 21 Mawrth 1282 (this year a Wednesday) which in that year was the eve of Palm Sunday. So, when to commemorate as this year Palm Sunday falls on the 1st April 2006 which is a Sunday. Our suggestion is that patriots hold a commemoration gathering (Rally) at Castell Caergwrle on Saturday 31 March 2006 and another at Penarlag on Palm Sunday 1st April 2006. Further information will, in time, be found on the Cofiwn Archive Blog, just search google for COFIWN.
Best wishes for the new year and the Celtic Festival of Imbolc 1 Chwefror and ‘Dydd Brigad’ 2 Chwefror.

Warning: Again unknown sources are requesting money for Glyndŵr events and, more worrying, are in the process of collecting names! Be careful, there is too much name collecting going on by various means of web petitions and forums etc. Certainly do not donate money unless you have thouroughly checked out who is collecting and for what reason. Local events should be able to collect money locally and have no need to issue national appeals unless it is for a major project such as a memorial.

Siân Ifan