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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Carlo's Three Feathers, Not Wanted in Wales.

Llysgenhadaeth Glyndwr.

Subject: Y Dwstwr Brenhinol...The Three Feathers.

See Western Mail 02/03/07 ''Stop Using My Three Feathers''.

Press Release 02-03-2007.

Regarding the request by Charles Windsor for us in Wales to keep our Welsh hands off his 'Three Feathers', I for one would hope that everyone in Wales now complies with his wish and abandons the use of this English symbol of our slavish servitude to Saxon Rule and replace it with a truly Welsh symbol - such as 'Cleddyf y Genedl'.

Press Statement Ends - See below addition on this issue.

Embassy Glyndwr Communication 2: Dated 03/03/07

Embassy Glyndwr's response to a front page report in the Western Mail on 2nd March 07. The report was on a demand by Charles Windsor for the Welsh not to use his 'Three Feathers' symbol. The report was then continued on page 4 under the heading "Hands off my 'Three Feathers' say Prince''.

The 'Three Feathers' in question of course is the 'Three Feathers' emblem of the English Prince of Wales Charles Windsor. The emblem consists of 3 ostrich feathers behind a gold coronet and a ribbon below the coronet bearing the motto "Ich Dien" german for "I Serve". Everyone will have seen this badge on Welsh rugby wear and Embassy Glyndwr has always stressed that it has nothing to do with Wales and has campaigned against its use for many years as Pobl Glyndwr do not "serve" anybody but our legitimate Welsh Princes (the last being Prince Owain Glyndwr) and the people of Wales.

So, yes let's abandon it and adopt a more fitting symbol as a Welsh emblem; here are a few suggestions:
1. The most obvious and most important, The 4 Lions Rampant of Prince Owain Glyndwr of course.


2. The Great Seal of Prince Owain Glyndwr.


3. The decorated Buckle off the bridle of Prince Owain Glyndwr's Horse (Can be seen at Museum of Wales, Cardiff).


4. 'Cleddyf y Genedl' (As can be seen at MOMA Machynlleth - at present)

But not in a praiseworthy patriotic position, it is displayed in a nice case but in the back entrance Stairwell at MOMA. There are not even any signs anywhere in MOMA to indicate where this National Treasure is being kept. Yes! rather out of sight and out of mind, pretty awful ain't it! To make matters worse, in it's present position our 'Sword of the Nation' could be easely nicked! If you would like to do something about this rather disrespectful treatment of our 'Sword of the Nation' and 'Symbol of Justice', see our earlier postings on this matter then write some very ''Angry Letters''.

We now request that all 'Pobl Glyndwr' contact the media in support of our campaign to see the 'Three Feathers' abandoned and to promote the use of any or all of the four Glyndwr symbols, as outlined above, instead. All Four are true patriotic Icons.


Sian Ifan

Juratus Oweyn.

I Gadw'r Gwir Gyda'r Goron

NB: 'Adfywiad Gwladgarol Cymru' are at present promoting and prompting a pro - active 'Ditch the Duster' campaign against the 'Three Feathers', see relevant postings on their blog: http://adfywiad.blogspot.com