Promoting an interest in the history of Owain Glyndwr, the Welsh Son of Prophecy, his life, times and society and his great Welsh War of Independence;also promoting causes today in Glyndwr's spirit and promoting the flying of the Glyndwr flag on Sept 16 Glyndwr Day.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Owain's Embassy at Eisteddfod Y Wyddgrug

Many thanks to CYMUNED for their invitation again this year for Llysgenhadaeth Glyndŵr to have a presence on their unit at the National Eisteddfod. Such has worked really well since the Casnewydd Eisteddfod with people visiting CYMUNED on the unit and then being introduced to the work of Embassy Glyndŵr and visa versa. CYMUNED is a membership based movement of course whilst Embassy Glyndŵr works with autonomous groups of 'Pobl Glyndŵr' in communities throughout Cymru but whatever our differing methods and means of operation, the ultra end objectives are the same and both bodies cooperated very effectively on the unit to get nearer to fulfilling those end objectives.

It was also great to see other 'visions of Glyndŵr' on the field. Everyone who visits the Eisteddfod annually is aware of the presence of the large embroidered Owain Glyndŵr flag which has settled nicely into its place above the Pafiliwn. This flag was presented to the National Eisteddfod by Llysgenhadaeth Glyndŵr in 2004 and has generated a great deal of interest ever since. Being the true national flag of Cymru of course, the Baner Glyndŵr should have pride of place above all national institutions in Wales and we appreciate the efforts of such bodies as the National Eisteddfod, the National Assembly and CADW in pioneering this practise at the beginning of this new millennium. True, the National Assembly and a number of the castles in the keeping of CADW only fly the flag on Set 16th - Dydd Glyndŵr at present but, from small acorns great oaks grow and such is a positive sign that Cymru is growing to be a confident nation that's proud of its heroic past - and a nation that is, at last, recognising Tywysog Owain Glyndŵr as a great heroic icon to be proud of - and about time too! other small nations, such as Lithuania for example, have been confident enough to display pride in their heroic icons throughout their growth as nations. Let's catch up with them, you can all help by campaigning and promoting the flying of Baner Owain Glyndŵr above civic buildings and other establishments in your locality. Its ironic to see the 'baner' of Owain Glyndŵr flying proudly at the Glastonbury Rock Festival in England whilst there is no sign of it in Welsh festivals such as at the Sesiwn Fawr at Dolgellau and the 'Gŵyl Y Faenol'. C'mon you festival followers, you all know what the Baner Glyndŵr looks like by now, let's see if you have the confident to display your true patriotic pride in the same way that other countries display theirs (especially England) at every given opportunity and especially, do not forget major rugby and football games - or any other sport!

There was a sprinkling of the 'baner Glyndŵr' displayed above units at the Eisteddfod but not anywhere near enough to make a true impact. Congratulations to those who did display the flag and shame on those, especially the 'Welsh shops' who didn't! We appeal to those that didn't to make the effort at next year's Eisteddfod at Caerdydd. Let's make it impossible for the BBC and SAC to avoid Baner Glyndŵr as they're filming on the field - as they're presently so obviously trying to do. For example, did you watch the 'Bandit' programme filmed at the Eisteddfod? O well, 'he who pays the piper....!
Show you won't put up with this kind of censorship by making sure that it will be impossible for the cameras not to film the presence of Glyndŵr on the field next year.

And indeed...Glyndŵr could also be seen in physical form on the Eisteddfod field this year as well! Well, not quite true, it was Mike Roberts of the Samhain re-enactment group who dresses up as Glyndŵr and on this occasion, had been hired for the week by the North Wales Newspaper Group to play the part. Will we ever see our 'so called' national newspaper the 'Western Mule' do anything like this? No chance! Anyway, Embassy Glyndŵr has worked with Mike for yrs and it was great to see him at work enspiring and educating the kids on Medieval Welsh life and warfare...see photo below.

Well, the week was well worthwhile for both Embassy Glyndŵr and CYMUNED and was a great opportunity for me to explain the reasoning behind our 'Be rid of the Three feathers' campaign. Eisteddfodwyr who visited the unit proved to be in agreement and were eager to support the campaign and all bought a Glyndŵr embroidered badge to sew over the three feathers on their rugby shirts once the campaign had been explained to them. We have decided now to release the embroidered badges to Welsh shops so as to make them more easily accessable to all who wishes to participate in the campaign. So, if any Welsh shops - or anyone else for that matter, wishes to have a supply of these badges asap, contact us.

Great interest was shown in the exhibition display on 'Cefn Caer' and 'Coron Glyndŵr and 100's of the new glossy leaflets depicting the history of this wonderful medieval hall house (as well as depicting Coron Glyndŵr) were taken away so, look out Elfyn, you are going to be very busy with visitors wishing to see the house and the crown from now on!

I also, for the first time ever, took a replica of 'Cleddyf y Genedl' to display at the Eisteddfod and again, a great deal of interest was shown and a few definite orders taken. Anyone wishing to purchase one of these magnificant replicas of Cleddyf y Genedl, which comes in a velvet lined wooden case along with a certificate of authenticity sealed by Jason Gardiner, the blacksmith should contact us asap. There are now only 24 of the 100 replicas left!

ext event in our annual Glyndŵr calendar is, of course, DYDD GLYNDŵR on Sept 16th, we're still awaiting information from organisers but will post that as soon as we get it so, keep checking this blog 'Owain Glyndŵr Communicates' for updates.

All that's left now for me to do now in this posting is to thank our Research Officer, Gethin ap Gruffydd, for over 40 yrs of dedicated hard graft on behalf of the many movements that he has initiated and been active in. For the last nine yrs he has worked tirelessly on behalf of Embassy Glyndŵr but now wants to retire to travel the Cathar Country. On behalf of the Cymric nation and Embassy Glyndŵr, diolch Gethin - and may your travels prove both spiritual and inspirational.

Siân Ifan