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Friday, July 06, 2007

Plaid Glyndwr - Welsh National Sovereignty Party, why not?

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Welsh National Sovereignty Party.

Manifesto of Mobalisation.

Talk about fiddling whilst Rome burns! That is exactly what they are doing down in that 'SHAM SENEDD' in 'Bae Caerdydd'. Gwilym Owen in his column in issue 22 June of 'Y Cymro' newspaper expressed clearly what even the least politically minded in our midst is aware of by now, that It is over eight weeks since the Assembly election and Cymru still waits for a working government whilst the AM's act like ''Ham Politicians'' more concerned with saving their positions and lavish lifestyles than getting down to doing the job they're so handsomely paid to do. As Gwilym stated, they winged their way down to the Sham Senedd in Cardiff Bay like a swarm of bees on the 4th of May to pledge their loyalty to something or other; this ensured that they got their wages and allowances but all they've managed to do since is change what democracy there was into a "ffars". I won't repeat all that Gwilym said but seek out the column for yourselves, its well worth a read.

Meanwhile, whilst this "ffars" continues, our media joins in the 'merry dance' and manipulates the political games - with the old ''Tory Rag'', the Western Mail, being chief of the media mischief makers - doing all it possibly can to undermine the Plaid - Lab arrangement, the so called Green and Red Coalition aka ''Pink Pact''. The ''Mule'', of course, favours the so called ''Rainbow Coalition'' of Plaid, Liberal and Tories to run Wales.

Meanwhile, behind another closed door, PLAID has swung from the Adam Price derived (not so bright idea) ''Rainbow Coalition'' to the PLAID ''Femme Fatale Three'', Leanne, Bethan and Jill, (not so bright idea) of the ''RED (Pink?) PACT'', plucked straight out of their previous Social Forum Cymru ''cream cracker corner''.

Best comment on all this has come from John Humphries, former editor of the Western Mail and one time leader of the Welsh Independence Party. In his letter to the Western Mail, he pours scorn on the contemptable miserable manouverings of PLAID, one time thought to have been the ''Welsh Nationalist Party'', he then calls upon the ''nationalist membership'' to reject the ''RED (Pink) Pact'' and sack the Plaid Leadership. It's quite amazing how many nationalists are raising their heads above the parapets to attack the ''Red (Pink?) Pact'' in favour of the ''Rainbow Coalition''.

However, for the most part, it appears as if the majority of Plaid members are quite happy to swing either way between the two stools of stupidity - but in reality, is this the wisest of agendas to be following? Indeed, is it the patriotically correct path to be following? . To begin with, the ''Red (Pink) Pact'' will undermine the rural ''Tory'' Conservative vote that has backed them over the years to keep Labour out of power in "Pura Wallia" - that is, the West and Northern constituencies, once home to Labour MP's. On the other hand, to go for the ''Rainbow Coalition'' would undermine the support of all "left of centre" progressives that they have won over to their party and ''nationalist cause'' in the South since the 60's. It is obvious that if Plaid had gone down that road, the three ''femme fatales'' would have, possibly, quit PLAID and, possibly, joined the Labour Party even or gone down the road of seeking to set up a Welsh Socialist Party, comparable to such in Scotland. However, it now seems that in the short term at least, it's the ''Red (Pink) Pact'' which appears to be ''In the bag'' but, for how long? Not very long I would guess, for lets face facts that sooner as later, this ''Red (Pink) Pact'' will unravel due mainly to Labour Party dissention of their hard line Brit Socialist A.M's - with the aid of local Councillors and constituency M.P's stirring away in the background.

Further, there are a great number of ''Nationalist Elements'' to take into consideration - from the ''Hydro Right'' to the rural Cultural Nationalists and certain patriotic fringe ''Alternative Nationalists'' elements who are none to happy with flirting with the Labour Party aka the ''Old Enemy''. However, one would have to be a really naive nationalist if one does not, by now, realise that Gorden Brown is going to call a quick election - and that in the heat of an election battle, the old anymosities between Plaid and Labour will resurface and sink any ''Pink Pact'' that the Plaid 'Femme Fatales' think they have forged in order to provide the basis, for a future fantasy Welsh Socialist Party product of the infantile leftists of Plaid Student ''hoodie'' youth aka ''GENERATION X'' who will, if they have their way, turn Plaid into the 'Peoples Prozac Party'.

This coming Saturday, Plaid National Council Representatives are to decide on whether, or not, to officially accept this ''Pink Pact'' with labour, the date of this historic decision will be the 7 Gorffennaf 2007, surely, a momentous day in our history? Will it however, be as momenotous a day as 7 Gorfennaf 1403?

A brief re-appraisal of Hanes Glyndŵr is now needed:

On the 1st Gorffennaf 1403, Owain Glyndŵr entered Llandovery at the head of the Army of the North. There, he was joined by the Army of the West. Together, they drove the English forces out of Ystrad Tywi and on 6 Gorffennaf 1403, the keys of Carmarthen Castle were handed to Owain Glyndŵr. After three centuries, this signalled the end of English Castle Rule in Cymru. The next day, 7 Gorffennaf 1403, the great armies of the North and West moved East towards Morgannwg and there, joined by the Army of the South, a great National Liberation Army moved onward to meet the English at Stalling Down near Bontfaen - and there won the greatest of victories. These largelly military events in July 1403, were indeed 'Haf Glyndŵr' and it was these events in the summer of 1403, which made the establishment of Senedd Glyndŵr and the Coronation of Owain Glyndŵr as Owain IV 'Tywysog Cymru', our past, present and future Prince of Wales, in Machynlleth on and about 21 Mehefin 1404 possible.

Now, will the true nationalist Plaid membership make this 7 Gorffennaf 2007 as historic and momentous an occasion as the one in 1407? The historical analogy is there to be clearly seen and Glyndŵr went on to achieve Independence in 1404. We think, we are more likely to go on to win our Independence if we reject this ''Pink Pact'' nonsense and concentrate our efforts instead, on constructing our own extra-parliamentary struggle for Independence. first steps in this new struggle should be a new election, and a referendum on Independence with a Parliament for Wales, a very real Senedd - as was founded by Owain Glyndŵr in Machynlleth on 21 Mehefin 1404.

We therefore appeal to the true nationalist membership of Plaid Cymru to reject all pacts and coalitions with any of the pro British Unionist Parties. There is but one honest path now to take and that is to bring this deplorable situation at the Assembly of Appeasement with English Imperialism to an end. PLAID must call for a new election as, sooner or later, any ''Pink Pact'' will disintegrate and any likely coalition will fall apart. A minority labour government would be unworkable and thus the government of Cymru would suffer further and the people will become totally disillusioned with the Shinnanigins at the Shambolic "Sham" Senedd. Only a new election may solve this matter. The people of Cymru did not vote for political pacts and crappy coalitions, they voted, via the ballot box, for good government - and that is not what they are getting. What they are getting is, as Gwilym Owen stated in his column, politicians desperate to save their skins and well paying jobs which they have not been able to carry out effectivelly for weeks, and soon they will be off on a long well paid holiday. END THIS NONSENSE NOW!

What must be done:

1: Reject any Pacts and Coalitions with British Unionist Parties. 2: Prompt your AM to seek to bringing about a new election. 3: Prompt Plaid to fight the election on the central issue of more powers for the Assembly. 4: Seeks a clear nationalist way forward towards a referendum on Welsh Independence.

Ultimately, this requires the establishment of a truelly nationalist party - such as the PLAID GLYNDŴR we propose, and thence, the advance of a truelly nationalist struggle for Welsh Independence. Such will only be possible if such a proposed PLAID GLYNDŴR states clearly that it is a Welsh National Sovereignty Party. Toward such ends, this truely nationalist party would realise that, in final recourse, it must see as neccessary, the eventual abolishment of the Assembly in Cardiff and, in it's place, a restoration of Senedd Glyndŵr in Machynleth. That's just for starters, we shall leave all else regards PLAID GLYNDŴR philosophy, theory, strategy and policies to any future membership of such a party as may be convened in conventions and conferences. Now nationalists have a real choice; yes, hard decision making time but we say "go for broke", time is not with us to fiddle whilst Rome burns.

Agenda for Mobalisation - Time Table for Action.

* At Corwen over weekend of 15/16 Medi 2007 discuss ways to establish a


* At Machynlleth over weekend 21/22 Mehefin 2008 hold a Convention to establish
OK! what's the alternative, more of the same? We say, "go for it", stop messing about, we need Nationalist Struggle not Shambolic Sham Senedd Shinanigins down in the bay. So, no more talk! talk! talk! let's see some action for Welsh Independance, forward PLAID GLYNDWR Welsh National Sovereignty Party?
Proposed badge for a Plaid Glyndŵr, is an Oak Leaf in the Colours of Owain Glyndŵr's Coat of Arms. The idea is inspired by the oak tree that has grown atop the mound of Llys Owain Glyndŵr in Glyn Dyfrdwy, near Corwen. Annually, since 16 Medi 2000, Embassy Glyndŵr has read there, an annual message to the people of Cymru.

Acorns were gathered from this site, carefully nurtured into saplings, and six were planted in Machynlleth on the 21 Mehefin 2004, the 600th Anniversary of the establishment of Senedd Glyndŵr and Coronation of Owain Glyndŵr, Owain IV 'Tywysog Cymru; our past, present and future Prince of Wales. 21 Mehefin is now observed annually as our Cymric 'Dydd y Senedd.

Hopcyn Tomos.

I Gadw'r Gwir Gyda'r Coron.


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STOP PRESS: Under positive consideration an Independence Now! March in Corwen on Saturday 15 Medi 2007, taking place late afternoon/early evening after new Satatue unveiling. Suggested march assembles and marches from town car park to car park at foot of Caerdrewyn, after which many may wish to take a further organised walk up, to rise up 'Baneri Glyndwr' upon the ramparts. All of which could be very inspirational and make quite an impact, of course made more possibly a great success, if there is good organisation behind such. So, needed enthusiastic pobl Glyndwr and other patriots willing to put great effort into the organisation of what could be an historic Welsh Nationalist Event. If at all interested in helping toward such end, please contact us llysgenhadaeth@ntlworld.com ASAP!