Promoting an interest in the history of Owain Glyndwr, the Welsh Son of Prophecy, his life, times and society and his great Welsh War of Independence;also promoting causes today in Glyndwr's spirit and promoting the flying of the Glyndwr flag on Sept 16 Glyndwr Day.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Anxt for 16 Medi 'Dydd Glyndwr' 2007.

I visited the North Eastern 'Gwlad Glyndŵr' over the Spring May Bank Holiday touring from Bala to Corwen, and down through Glyn Dyfrdwy - Tir Glyndŵr aka ''Dee Valley'' to Llangollen and then on, along the Glyndŵr ''War Trail', from Ruthin to Denbigh and into Sir y Fflint, and Moel y Gaer (where Hywel Gwynedd made his guerrilla base 1404- 1406) before returning to Corwen. Throughout this entire area of what may be called the ''uno numero'' GWLAD GLYNDŴR, I saw only one 'Baner Glyndŵr' flying, and that was on an Ice Cream Parlour in Llangollen. So, now you know where to buy your Ice Cream if in Llangollen. our thankful appreciation to the owner of this establishment. See picture below:
So, once again, anxiety ridden by what I saw - or did not see in this case! we must appeal to Pobl Glyndŵr, particularly in the areas of Machynlleth and Corwen, to please get out and about promoting the use of 'Baneri Glyndŵr'. Let's see a massive showing of 'Baneri Glyndŵr' all over the land on and about 16 Medi 'Dydd Glyndŵr'. Further, lets make this a 'NATIONAL FLAG DAY'. The Poles have achieved to have such a day since the 2 May 2004 and now annually on the 2nd May, the Polish Flag (formally: Flag of the Republic of Poland Day, Dzień Flagi Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej) is officially flown all over Poland. Poland's National Flag Day was established in order to educate the Polish people about the history and significance of national symbols so let's follow this excellent Polish Heritage Initiative but, let's call for three 'Baner Glyndŵr' official National Flag Days for...

1) 28 May: Glyndŵr's birthday.


2) 21 Mehefin - Dydd y Senedd aka 'Dydd Coroni Glyndŵr'.


3) 16 Medi - 'Dydd Glyndŵr'.

We therefore call for three special days in which we hope Welsh National Institutions, Government and other bodies will officially fly 'Baneri Glyndŵr' - but of course, the general public and voluntary bodies may fly 'Baneri Glyndŵr' as and when they wish. This, of course, would be a great show of national patriotic pride, Cymric consciousness and identity but those dates will also be days on which we set out to inform and educate on our history and heritage (See previous posting on Mis Medi - Mis Glyndŵr - Mis Hanes Cymru) in the same way that is already being done by means of our presentation of new or ''restored'' National Symbols such as 'Coron Glyndŵr' and 'Cleddyf y Genedl' etc.

We can further draw attention to these special Glyndŵr National Flag Days by wearing Glyndŵr themed T-Shirts, Sweaters and 'Juratus Oweyn' Sports Shirts (available in a number of shops) plus the Glyndŵr cloth badge, supplied by Embassy Glyndwr (pic opposite, details and price etc on a previous post in this blog) which may be sown to most items of clothing and caps, as pictured below:

Corwen's New Glyndwr Statue, where is it?

One of my main reasons for visiting Corwen was to query what was happening re the unveiling of the new Glyndŵr statue. The unveiling has been delayed due to a variety of reasons but the ''Corwen Dwarf'' has gone, and the site awaits the new statue. See above superimposed picture re what it will look like in place and below, is a pic of the site in Corwen as pictured recently. As soon as we get definite confirmation of the unveiling date we will, of course, pass this info on. This unveiling will be a wonderful opportunity for all 'Pobl Glyndwr' and other patriots to visit Corwen and to take a tour around this 'Uno Numero'' Gwlad Glyndŵr - Glyn Dyfrdwy and Tiroedd Glyndŵr of ''Y Berfeddwlad'' aka North Eastern March of Glyndŵr's September 1400 War Trail from Ruthin to Fyrnwy.

Site for Corwen's new Glyndwr statue:

More ''ANXT'' Few have shown any interest or enthusiasm for our attempts to promote the initiatve of seeing 1000 patriots with 1000 'Baneri Glyndŵr' on the Ramparts of Caerdrewyn over the weekend of 15/16 Medi 2007. Well, we are not going out of our way to push on this, so please yourselves but, if in Corwen that weekend to take a walk up to where Glyndwr gathered his first army on 18 Medi 1400 prior to the raid on Ruthin, do remember to take a small rock from your locality to place on 'CARN RHYDDID 1400'.

The ceremonial 'Dagr Glyndŵr' we presented to Corwen in 2004, will soon go on public display in the Town's Library, do go and see this companion to 'Cleddyf y Genedl' (On view at MOMA in Machynlleth).

Associated with the event of Mis Medi 1400 is Glyndŵr's attack on Ruthin and other castles of the Anglo - Norman North Eastern March. We recommend you follow this ''War Trail'' from Ruthin to Dinbych, Rhuddlan, Flint, Penarlag and from Holt to Fyrnwy. In time we would hope local authorities would mark out this trail with a special road side route information board, similar perhaps to the design of an old COFIWN sticker illustrated opposite. Picture below is of a plaque commemorating the raid on Ruthin.

Pictures here are from the terrific Glyndŵr festival held in Ruthin in the year 2000 to commemorate the event of 18 Medi 1400; this was only a ''one off'' event, pity - as it was brilliant.

Not so brilliant:

On our recent visit to Corwen, not even the Tafarn Glyndŵr there was flying 'Baner Glyndŵr' and, as far as we know, they have never attempted to organise any social event there for 'Dydd Glyndŵr'. Maybe, they will kick one off this year? but, if not, then there's always the Tafarn Glyndŵr at Gwernymynydd who do - every year with a big Glyndŵr festival of various events and activities held in and around the Tafarn (see web for details)

Thinking of the future: 2007 marks the 600th anniversary of 1407, it was in this year much began to go wrong for the Glyndŵr cause of Cymric Freedom. In this year, the English began miltary offensives against Glyndŵr's strongholds in 'pura Walliae' with the beginning of the seige of Castell Aberystwyth which fell to the English in 1408. In the same year Castell Harlech came under seige and it fell in 1409, thus we have not much more to celebrate regards the 600th anniversary commemoration's Cymric successes in the last Great War of Welsh Independence, unless we focus a lot of attention on the seige of Castell Harlech which almost mirrors the same cause as the ''Last Stand of the Cathars'', at Castell Montsegur, but without the religious aspect. (Picture opposite is the cover of a new children's book published by Gwasg Garreg Gwalch)

Thus, Harlech is worthy of us focusing much attention on the town regards commemorative events and activities in the years ahead If, Pobl Glyndŵr Gwynedd are up to getting ''their act together'' in this direction? Up to now, since the year 2000, the local business and tourism interest community of the town have been holding very worthy and successful Glyndŵr events and activities. We feel however, we need to compliment this with a more patriotic orientated annual commemoration for, let us remember the much overlooked fact, that Owain Glyndŵr held two parliaments at Harlech compared to the one at Machynlleth.

Nevertheless, the Machynlleth Parliament holds a central position in Hanes Glyndŵr, which is why we give this '21 Mehefin 1404 - Dydd Coroni Glyndŵr' much attention, seeking to advance there an annual great national Glyndŵr Festival - to which end purpose, we give a great deal of attention in this Owain Glyndwr Communicates - as can be seen in previous postings. However, again, we are only willing to do so much and for this commemorative event to be a success it needs a local organisational foundation base and a great deal of national support. Sorry to say neither are forthcoming but we remain optimistic - although we are getting a bit peeved with the pathetic apathy that exists amongst patriots regards their lack of enthusiasm and effort to support such initiatives. I am beginning to think that the ''older generation'' of patriots are getting weary, whilst the ''younger generation'' is just not interested at all. Thanks to S4C, even ''Ieuenctid Cymru'' are more likely to be interested in Big Brother's Glyn Wise, than Glyndŵr Mab Darogan, all a bit pathetic really, that S4C sinks so low in it's promotion of such Saxon rubbish, just to boost it's fast declining viewing figures amongst the ''MTV Celebrity Hooked Generation''.




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