Promoting an interest in the history of Owain Glyndwr, the Welsh Son of Prophecy, his life, times and society and his great Welsh War of Independence;also promoting causes today in Glyndwr's spirit and promoting the flying of the Glyndwr flag on Sept 16 Glyndwr Day.

Thursday, April 12, 2007


Adrian Jones, President of the Owain Glyndŵr Society in a letter in a recent issue of 'Y Cymro' Welsh Language newspaper again insists that Owain Glyndŵr is dead and is buried in Herefordshire! What is wrong with these people and who's cause are they assisting by their insistence on proving that the 'Mab Darogan' is dead?
Its important to remember that Owain Glyndŵr is not only remembered as a Great Warrior Prince and Statesman, he was also chosen and recognised as the 'Mab Darogan' – the Son of Prophecy with widespread stories of his birth happening in dramatic and mysterious circumstances and then his disappearance in mysterious circumstances. Of course, no living person knows the truth surrounding his disappearance but does Adrian Jones and The Owain Glyndŵr Society really believe that a person as shrewd as Owain Glyndŵr - who was well aware of the importance of maintaining the prophecy as part of the continuing campaign for a Free Wales, would allow his body to be buried in a place so obvious that it could easily be sought out by the enemy, dug up and publicly exhibited as a means of proving that the Welsh leader Prince and the 'Mab Darogan' was dead – along with the prophecy and any hope of a free Wales! Of course not. For the sake of the prophecy and the continuing campaign, he would have made sure that his body was never found by entrusting his closest confidants generals to seal him into a hidden cave whilst still alive - and whilst he could still make sure that his orders were carried out to the last detail - and as far as Embassy Glyndŵr, Pobl Glyndŵr and other true Welsh Patriots are concerned, that's where he sleeps until he hears a loud enough call from the Cymry to lead us once again in the continuing campaign for the Independence of our homeland.
Prince Owain, who was well versed in his nation's history, knew only too well that Edward had previously used the tactic of claiming to have discovered the bones of King Arthur at Glastonbury in order to undermine the Welsh cause and struggle for freedom and to make it clear that there would be no opposition to his claim to have sovereignty over Cymru, was Prince Owain so short sighted that he would have allowed himself to die and be buried in such an obvious site as his daughter's home for Henry V to find? No way!
The Kentchurch Story has as much truth in it as Gelert's Grave (Shall we dig that up?) or Llywelyn ap Gruffydd being killed at Cilmeri – when, in fact, his assassination took place at Aberedw. These stories are very much the product of Victorian imagination to either advance gentry family status or as means of promoting early tourism,

If Adrian Jones, and the Owain Glyndŵr Society cannot accept this 'Patriotic Truth', then we can only hope that he and they come to realise other possibilities, if Glyndŵr's body was discovered what then? Let's remember “whose land” this land now is! It now belongs to the English Pretender Prince – thanks to the Owain Glyndŵr Society who drew his attention to it in the first place by claiming that Glyndŵr was buried there! It's bad enough that they intend to seek permission off him to dig for the bones therefore recognising the English Pretender Prince, then what if Glyndŵr's body was found? Further crawling to the English Pretender to hold services and commemorations on ''His Land'' Other than this, what if Owain Glyndŵr's body was discovered, are archaelogists and scientists to be allowed to mess about with an ancestor's remains? Get it Adrian? So why not leave well alone and forget these silly spurious claims to having discovered the last resting place of our past, present and future 'Tywysog Cymru'.

Finely, and most importantly, not only was it most regrettable for Adrian Jones to make comparisons between Owain Glyndŵr, Warrior Statesman and Osama Bin Laden in his letter to 'Y Cymro' but it was pretty stupid really as there is not the slightest comparison to be made. Surely as a ''giant'' Osama Bin Laden stands shoulder to shoulder with Hitler, Stalin and other exemperlaries of cruelty and mass slaughter. Owain Glyndŵr was a medieval hero and if comparisons are to be drawn then please let them be made with national heroes of Owain Glyndŵr's own contemporary times as, for example, Vytautus the Great of Lithuania 1350 - 1430, Engelbrekt Engelbreksen of Sweden 1390 - 1436, John Hanyadi of Hungary 1387 - 1456, Skanderbeg of Albania 1405 - 1468, Pier Gerlofs Donia of the Frisian Islands 1480 - 1520, Milos Osilic of Serbia and Joan of Arc of France. These National Heroes, like Owain Glyndŵr, had much else in comparison also - in so far that during the 19th and the 20th Centuries and, indeed, in to our present times, they are used as ''iconic symbols'' of national identity, awareness and consciousness. In Particular, they are seen as important historic figures upon whose history of struggles for freedom, restored nations and newly established states may be founded. These are the giants of patriotic histories those with an interest in Owain Glyndŵr and our 'Gwaith Glyndŵr', need to look to, and most certainly not Osama Bin Laden.

Siân Ifan.