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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Rugby World Cup 2007: It's time to kick those feathers into touch.

For those who, as of yet, do not understand our opposition to the use of the ''Feather Duster'' aka The Three Feathers of the English Princes of Wales, quite simply, our particular opposition to this English symbol is because it is not only the badge used by English Princes of Wales but is also the badge of Henry V who, as an English Prince of Wales, fought Owain Glyndŵr. Now, this is akin to scoring "goals against one's own side'' for Welsh people - let alone a Welsh Rugby Team, to be wearing the symbol of English Princes opposed to our homeland's Independence. Ironically, the wearing of this badge in Wales has not been foisted upon us but was adopted, initially, by a group of London Welsh in 1715, seeking to prove ''Taffy Loyalty'' to the English Hanovarian Monarchy amidst ''Jacobite Troubles''. Thus, is it really patriotic in a real Cymric sense to wear the three feathers? of course not -and so we campaign for it not to be used, in particular, by the WRU and other Welsh institutions and bodies as well as the general public - and instead, for all to adopt the Coat of Arms of Owain Glyndŵr, our past, present and future Prince of Wales.

Illustrated below: Glyndŵr Coat of Arms, the Four Lions Rampart Cloth Badge available from Embassy Glyndŵr. Price £2 P&P 30p. order from llysgenhadaeth@ntlworld.com and sew over the feather duster in a show of defiance

See previous postings on this subject and note that we were one of the bodies involved in campaigning for brewery logos to be taken off Wales Rugby Union ''souvenier'' shirts for children, this is about to become law. A great follow up to this would be if a law was passed to ban the use of the Three Feathers and outlaw it to the dust pan of Welsh history for ever but, that is not possible, thus, for us, it's the long haul of campaigning to convince our own people not to wear items with this logo on, including WRU ''souvenir'' items. Towards this end, the above cloth badge has been produced to enable one and all to cover up the offending symbol of our historical shame. Let us no longer wear a badge that is associated with our conquest in 1282 and the war by the English Kings against Owain Glyndŵr seeking our homeland's Independence.
THE RUGBY WORLD CUP, presents an ideal occasion for advancing our campaign so, patriots, go to it, and show some real patriotism by the sporting of the coat of Arms of Owain Glyndŵr on your caps and shirts. Those “nice lads in white” are currunt Rugby World Champions and will ride high on a gigantic tide of adulation by the entire English race - on top of which they’re all suitably honoured by their Queen - not least their ex - coach who was given a knighthood plus, of course, a set of stamps were issued to mark their victory. ! So, what else can we do to help raise ourselves up in great support for the boys! Chant “Glyndŵr” “Glyndŵr” “Glyndŵr”. Further, Let us keep in mind that prior to the 'Battle of Stalling Down' 1403 (Nr Bontfaen) during 'Haf Glyndŵr', Prince Owain called upon ‘Cadwgan of Treorci’ to rise up the Welsh of the ‘Blaenau Morgannwg’ in support of the attack upon the English who had come out from Cardiff to halt the Welsh advance. Cadwgan had then ridden around the Rhondda calling out to the warriors of 'Blaenau Morgannwg'....

Calling out “Hogia” ! Hogia! Hogia! ……………………
Oggi! Oggi! Oggi! Oy Oy! Oy!…………………..
Oggi! Oy! Oggi! Oy! ……………………………….
Oggi! Oggi! Oggi! Oy! Oy! OY!

Such is the long historical traditional links of the game of Rugby with Prince Owain Glyndŵr. Indeed, as was recorded by 18th century antiquarian Iolo Morgannwg, It is a little known historical fact that the game of rugby was actually invented by the Welsh - when in 1315, Llywelyn Bren, Lord of Senghenydd, cut off an English tax collector’s head and tossed it to a gathered crowd of local Welsh, who upon being chased by English soldiers, gleefully ran around tossing the unfortunate tax collector’s head to each other until, finally, one of Llywelyn Bren’s sons drop kicked the head over the gate of Caerffili Castle. Thus, not only was the game of Rugby invented in Wales but Caerffili was, indeed, the very first rugby Club (named the Llywelyn Bren XV of course) in the entire world - if not the universe. Tom Brown and Rugby school is no more than an English Imperialist Invention. You don’t believe it? Trust to the truth of Iolo the Remembrancer!

Anyway, game on with pool B playing at following venues, all during the month of September - Mis Medi - Mis Glyndwr.
09 September 2007, Wales VS Canada, Nantes, Brittany.
15 September 2007, Wales VS Australia, Cardiff, Wales.


20 September 2007, Wales VS Japan, Cardiff, Wales.

29 September 2007, Wales VS Fiji, Nantes, Brittany.

NB: Full details on the Rugby World Cup can be found on the web, including stacks of Information on Welsh Team etc.

Time to get ready for a really great showing of Glyndŵr's colours, go for it! Glyndŵr Flags available from Llysgenhadaeth@ntlworld.com

Siân Ifan.

PS: Wanted fit and able young men for an Owain Glyndŵr XV to play 'Elusen Glyndŵr Charity' Rugby matches, possibly in association with the period of pool B Rugby World Cup games in Caerdydd later in the year. Such would also need an ''Organiser Manager'' and Coach, any volunteers? Sponsors would need to be sought for this enterprise and for the rugby kit.
Glyndŵr Team Cheerleaders: As can be seen from photos, Fleur has already shown what's possible but wouldn't it be great if ladies joined her to form a group of cheerleaders to cheer for the Owain Glyndŵr XV? Anyone interested, contact me at: llysgenhadaeth@ntlworld.com
PPS: One more photo:

* Photos modelled by Glyndŵr supporter Fleur. All pics are Siân Ifan's (c) Visions Glyndŵr.