Promoting an interest in the history of Owain Glyndwr, the Welsh Son of Prophecy, his life, times and society and his great Welsh War of Independence;also promoting causes today in Glyndwr's spirit and promoting the flying of the Glyndwr flag on Sept 16 Glyndwr Day.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

EMBASSY ANNOUNCEMENT: COMMEMORATING NATIONALLY OUR 'DYDD Y SENEDD 21 MEHEFIN 1404' - 2010 National Events & Activities both at CEFN CAER, Pennal and at GŴYL DATHLU CORONI OWAIN GLYNDŴR' in Machynlleth & elsewhere in Wales over 18 - 19 - 20 - 21 June 2010.

Fly the Glyndŵr flags on civic buildings, your homes, businesses, shops pubs and on your car. Let's blot out the St George's flag with 'Baner Glyndŵr!
ITS TIME FOR CELEBRATION AND COMMEMORATION! in the Machynlleth Bro Ddyfi area next week (17 - 19 th June) as its, once again, the time of year when Machynlleth and the rest of Wales will unite to celebrate a most significant date in our history. That date, of course is June 21 - Dydd y Senedd. It was around that date that Owain Glyndŵr summoned all his followers, from Cymru and beyond, to Machynlleth to witness his coronation as Prince of Wales  and the establishment of the first Cymric Senedd. Please link into the blog http://cenedl.blogspot.com/  for an archive of background history of this celebration at Machynlleth in recent years and for a full programme of events as to how Machynlleth and the Bro Ddyfi area is going to celebrate and commemmorate this Dydd y Senedd and Dydd Coroni Glyndŵr this year. Most info is up but the entertainment prog will be up by tommorrow. All I can say at the moment is that Huw Chiswell is headlining the Saturday night gig and that there will be music on the streets and in the pubs during the day and evening and that there will be the Cwmni Cortyn puppet show, story tellers and actors and face painters etc there to keep the kids entertained.

But, as we commemorate and celebrate the greatest day in Welsh History, the Football World Cup will have kicked off - and after months of massive media publicity to make us all hysterical about 'footie', 'Team England' supporters will be working themselves into a right old frenzy. I myself, am not particularly interested in a game that has evolved out of kicking cans around the allyways of the towns of Victorian Industrial Britain and I take particular exception to the Welsh Media's attempts to  motivate us Cymry to also support 'Team England'.

But, despite the media hype, whilst England is awash with the St George Cross flags, so far, I have only seen one in the South and that was in Cardiff.  Pubs may be decked out with flags of all the football nations participating in the World Cup, but I have only seen 'Team England' Poster displays in Smiths - and there they have been kept low key. Same goes for those notorious 'Mars' bars, have only seen a scattering of them about here in the South but I suspect that the situation up North in migrant areas such as Abersoch, Flintshire and along the North and Ceredigion coast and down to Penfro is very different  Please send us pics so that we can monitor the situation but, whatever the case, It can only get worse!

Are we going to stand by and watch Cenedl Glyndŵr being blanketed by the conqueror's flags? OF COURSE WE'RE NOT! there is a way for every Cymric patriot out there do do their bit to express that this is still Cenedl Glyndŵr and that we are still continuing Glyndŵr's campaign for a Cenedl Cymru Rydd.  

.First of all, make every effort to attend the Gŵyl Glyndŵr in Machynlleth as a way of boycotting the football for a day or two on the weekend of the 17 - 19  Mehefin. Also, very important - and something that doesn't take much effort - or money, is to get one of those car flag Implements, replace whatever flag is on it with a Glyndŵr flag and then attach to your car (see example below) and maybe, we will have 100's making their way to Machynlleth and back home on the 19th - 20th June with these little Glyndŵr flags flying on their vehicles. That will make a real point - and I personally, am taking it even further!

 On Sunday 20th, I shall head west 'flying the flag' into Ceredigion via 'Mynydd Bach' (see Rhyfel y Sais Bach)  endeavouring to visit Nevern to see the 'Bleeding Yew' and other "must see" historic sites in the area of great pagan and Christian associations.
I shall then head for Mynydd Preseli to welcome the dawn on 'Troad y Rhod'  (the Summer Solstice 21 June - longest Day of the year) in our sacred 'Blue Stone' Magic 'Mabinogion' Mountains!  Why not join me? I am sure 'Crach Ffinnant' would love this - and am certain Iolo Morgannwg would have - and of course, Iolo was one of the arisen Pobl Glyndŵr 'romantic political cultural nationalists of the not too distant past?  

Following the 'Sunrise Ceremony' on Preseli Mountains, I shall continue to 'carry the flag' South West to visit the area of Trefgarne Owen, the alternative given location for the birth place of Owain Glyndŵr. Then, I shall make my way home via Glyndŵr visited locations such as at Caerfyrddin and Cydweli. So, in this way, I will have made the most of celebrating the great achievements of Owain Glyndŵr by 1404.

You could, of course, do likewise - and not only by following my suggested route but, alternatively, why not work out your own routes for the North West, North East, Powys and Glywysing. What a great way for families, the young and old to get together to celebrate and commemorate our national hero, enjoy mid summer 'magic week' and avoid the  football for a while; plus of course, to do their bit to put on a terrific show of 'Baneri Glyndŵr', ...

Last point: Just incase there are still some out there who do not know where to get a Glyndŵr flag, all Welsh shops supply the standard sizes now - or they should! or, you can purchase both the 5' x3' and the hand waving ones from us at Embassy Glyndŵr. Send me an e-mail to s.ifan@ntlworld.com or ring me on 01792 533806 or on my mobile 07772321511 for prices and the excellent news now is that you can fly even bigger flags soon as we will have new very large 9' x6' flags available for a very reasonable price of £15. They won't be available in time for this 'football frenzy' but they will be here in time for Dydd Glyndwr - Medi 16 so, place your orders with us now! Let's show them...LET'S GO GLYNDŴR FRENZY!!!
Have a great time, enjoy and hope to see you in Machynlleth and perhaps, at Dawn on Mynydd Preseli - with me, Crach y Ffinnant and Iolo?