Promoting an interest in the history of Owain Glyndwr, the Welsh Son of Prophecy, his life, times and society and his great Welsh War of Independence;also promoting causes today in Glyndwr's spirit and promoting the flying of the Glyndwr flag on Sept 16 Glyndwr Day.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Gŵyl Dydd Glyndŵr Day Abercraf

Another excellent Gŵyl Dydd Glyndŵr took place at Abercraf last weekend and again, Tywysog Owain ruled the weather providing us with a wonderfully sunny and warm weekend. I didn't think it would be possible for this event to get better but, it did! The weather was great, as was the food and real ales and both children, parents and everyone else had a wonderful time. (See pics)
The music throughout the weekend was varied and extremely entertaining and, to everyone's delight, the band ,Lazarus and the Lambs' had composed an Owain Glyndŵr song especially for this 'Sleeping Giant festival and had everybody in the audience dancing and singing to the chorus on several occasions throughout the weekend. This song is to be recorded, more news on this very soon.
Congratulations to the Sleeping Giant foundation for another successful weekend. This was the fifth year for this event to be held - and if the area did not know about Owain Glyndŵr before, they certainly do now! The SGF and all the volunteers from surrounding communities who have worked really hard for this festival have done him proud and may the Gŵyl go from strength to strength. I have said it before, and i will say it again. It is really ironic that the best Gŵyl Glyndŵr is held in an area that has little direct Glyndŵr associated history whilst the places that have a strong associated Glyndŵr history choose to ignore its potential! Come on the rest of Wales! It will be the 660 anniversary of Glyndŵr's birth in 2014, giving you plenty of time to get organised. We would like to set up a national committee of organising groups from every part of Cymru for this so, if you want to see a Glyndŵr event in your community in 2014 - or before - why wait? contact me.
At last, some very exiting news! An 'epic' Owain Glyndŵr film is in the pipeline, more news on this to follow soon.
This has nothing to do with Glyndŵr but it's a gig to raise money towards the Urdd Eisteddfod 2010 so, as far as we're concerned, its all a part of Glyndŵr's cause. Steve Eaves and his band are to perform at the Rygby Club, Aberystwyth at 7.30pm on the 9th of October. Tickets are £12 which includes a curry. Please support if you can.