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Monday, September 01, 2008

BONTFAEN August Bank Holiday Gwaith Glyndwr plus Newyddion Dydd Glyndwr 2008.

At last, summer arrived for one day on Sunday 30 Awst so I took advantage of the sunshine for an outing to Bryn Owain/Stalling Down, near Bontfaen. Hopefully, most of you will know that this is the site of the 'Battle of Bryn Owain' fought mid to late July or, could have been August 1403. Whichever was the case, a report on this outing to ''officially'' register the site as one of historic importance will be posted soon to our 'BRWYDRAU GLYNDŵR' blog. In the meantime, this post will suffice to give a brief account of my outing which also included a visit into Bontfaen to pay my respects to the memory of Iolo Morgannwg and visits to both the scenic San Quentin Castle and Church of Llanbliethan.

The picture below is of a plaque which has been placed on a building in Bontfaen to mark the place where Iolo Morgannwg (referred to by some, as the ''Father of Post 1536 Welsh Nationalism'') once resided. I find it amazing that Welsh Cultural Nationalists and Folk Lore Romantics aka ''Welsh Traditionalists'' do not make more of Iolo Morgannwg? Why is there no annual commemoration/celebration for this great Welsh character? Bontfaen, would make an ideal setting for an annual folk festival; a Gŵyl Iolo which could be held on or around his birth date which is 10 March 1747. Then, also, why not a conference weekend of a more academic nature, on or around the date of his death on 18 December 1826? Both these suggestions are worthy of some serious consideration wouldn't you agree? and if such events were organised, I, for one, would definitely attend and would be more than happy to spread the word. My interest in Iolo is not just because I consider him to be one of our ''greatest'' but, also, because of his interest in Owain Glyndŵr and the fact that he recognized Bryn Owain/Stalling Down as a site important enough to hold the druidic ceremony of his ''Republican Gorsedd'' on.


The pictures below are of an information board placed at the entrance to San Quentin's Castle and of the Castle itself. A beautiful location for a summer outing and a picnic.

The medieval structures of Bontfaen is, gradually, being beautifully restored and the following pictures are of the Physic Garden which is located within the Old Hall grounds in the town centre. This Physic garden is devoted to plants which, over many centuries have had medicinal properties attributed to them. There are also plants here which have, over the centuries, been used for culinary purposes and others that have been used for perfumery, cosmetics and dyestuffs. In all, its a very interesting and aromatic garden and is well worth a visit.

16 Medi - 'Dydd Glyndŵr' - 15 Days to go.

Have you organised your local events yet? If so, let us know so that we can include your event in our listings. If not, do start to organise your community celebrations asap. At the moment I can report on some really good news in that the North will witness at least one major Glyndŵr weekend in September - and that will be in Aberffraw on Medi 12 - 13. (Information below). To date, good event/s have also been held annually at Llanrwst but, unfortunately, neither Corwen nor Ruthin,
the two locations most identified with 16 Medi 1400, are delivering on any 'Dydd Glyndŵr' celebrations? Not even the nationalist 'Rali Sofraniaeth' muted earlier in the year! that appears to have fallen by the wayside? Maybe next year then, when patriots are more up for ''Action for Independence''?.
Of course, the biggest and best annual Gŵyl Dydd Glyndŵr event is organised by the Sleeping Giant Foundation at Abercraf and will be held again this year between the 19th - 21 Medi. (See the poster on my last posting for full details) or/and visit the Sleeping Giant Foundation's website to see photos of their previous Dydd Glyndŵr events. Hopefully, if you're not attending events that have been organised, we hope one and all will make an attempt to visit Corwen and Llys Glyndyfrdwy during Mis Medi. Great opportunity, whilst there, to see Corwen's great new Glyndŵr statue, photo below:


Aberffraw 'Dydd Glyndwr' Info below:


Nos Wener – Nos Sadwrn - Friday – Saturday Evening

12fed – 13eg o Fedi 2008 - 12th – 13th of September 200


Twmpath Ddawns nos Wener / Folk Dance Friday evening

Taith Gerdded ac yna sgwrs gan Bethan Wyn Jones dydd Sadwrn
A walk and then a chat by Bethan Wyn Jones on Saturday

Bwyd tri chwrs ac adloniant nos Sadwrn gan 'Hogia Bodwrog' yn y Bistro newydd, Aberffraw

3 Course Meal and Saturday evening entertainment by 'Hogia Bodwrog' at the new Bistro , Aberffraw.

Siân Ifan