Promoting an interest in the history of Owain Glyndwr, the Welsh Son of Prophecy, his life, times and society and his great Welsh War of Independence;also promoting causes today in Glyndwr's spirit and promoting the flying of the Glyndwr flag on Sept 16 Glyndwr Day.

Friday, July 11, 2008


Mis Medi - Mis Glyndŵr and 16 Medi - Dydd Glyndŵr this year will, again, be competing for attention with European ''Built'' Heritage Open Days. A series of three 'two day' sets, to run through September are being organised by Civic Trust Wales. This, during any other month of the year, would be wonderful but, given the money at the disposal of Civic Trust Wales from Euro Grants, funding acres of promotional and publicity material, we will really be up against it in regards to the promotion of Dydd Glyndŵr on 16 Medi. This is where you patriots, hopefully, will come in "big time" at a local level - ensuring that local Dydd Glyndŵr events and activities are organised as Community Celebrations with as much show as is possibe. Let's ensure that our most important National day is not hidden away in the corner and shadows. So, think it over, plan and prepare in a big way for Dydd Glyndŵr - 16 Medi, and, if possible, attend a National Glyndŵr Event on the weekend following that day.

Well it looks as if Corwen has got the Statue but, we have not heard, as of yet, of no Prif Dydd Glyndŵr Cenedlaethol being held there? So, sadly, northerners will have to, again, look south for a National - 'Dydd Glyndŵr' - Festival to attend and enjoy. The brilliant one organised annually at Abercraf will, this year, be in its 4th year - and, its still growing! see details below:

However, things are moving ahead in Machynlleth to establish there the greatest of all annual National Glyndwr Festivals with a GWYL FAWR TYWYSOG OWAIN IV on and about 21 Mehefin - 'Dydd Coroni Glyndŵr'. In 2004 we held a huge 4 day event but since then very little, other than a small ceremony in 2007 and another this year in 2008 has taken place. But now, the good news is that an enthusiastic Working Party has been set up to establish an 'Antur Glyndŵr Ardal Machynlleth with the purpose of working towards the establishment of a really major Gŵyl Glyndŵr on the scale and as symbolic as the event of 'Tynwald Day' on Mannin.
If you want to aid and assist in any of the above Gwaith Glyndŵr, contact me at the following email address: s.ifan@ntlworld.com and I will pass your details on to local Working Groups'.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

SOVEREIGNTY YES - So Called Senedd No!

There are actually Nationalists who believe the Assembly down in Bae Caerdydd to be similar to the Parliament they have in Scotland! Some even believe this costly building to actually be a step along the road to Welsh Independence - even a Welsh Republic. Sadly, I can only sigh in despair as deluded Nats, as well as the A.M's, perpetuate this foolish fantasy by insisting on this rather O.T.T.. title for a place that has little more power than a county council. Very sad, in the face of reality that this ''political play school'' will never ever exist to sustain and be in service of our nation's Sovereignty.

I mean, apart from anything else, this ''play school'' rejected the idea of having some form of 'symbolic iconic' gesture nod to Glyndŵr placed
over the speaker's chair in the debating chamber (as we suggested would be appropriate - see previous posts) but could not rush out fast enough to insult the people of Wales by placing an image of Thatcher in the foyer of the Assembly. Perhaps the next step in the realms of Assembly treachery, will be to place a statue of an English King outside their "Senedd" such as, perhaps, King Athelstan, the first in a very long line of English Kings to claim Sovereignty over Wales, thanks to the submission of Hywel Dda. For the unaware, It is very much due to the submission of Hywel Dda to Athelstan that a precedent was set, to be claimed by English Kings that followed in their bullying dealings with Welsh Princes, all of whom had to, (including Llywelyn III) pay for their titles as Princes of Wales.
The sooner all Cymry get to grips with this hard to swallow fact, the sooner they might recognize the true greatness of Owain Glyndŵr and all he set out to achieve; not least in reclaiming the title 'Prince of Wales' and restoring our Nation's Sovereignty on 21 June 1404. Bearing such in mind, I suggest it would be more worthy of patriots who truly seek to restore and sustain our National Sovereignty in a true Independant Senedd Glyndŵr - Senedd Cenedl Cymru Rydd, to annually rally in great numbers at Machynlleth on this 'Dydd Coroni Glyndŵr', to stand witness to our 'Juratus Oweyn Ceremony' on Parliament Green, and thence, parade to 'Y Plas' to witness Coron Glyndŵr - Symbol of our National Sovereignty being publicly revealed. This year, we held but a small ceremony as a trial template run as an example to local Pobl Glyndŵr who, from next year on, are to
work with Machynlleth Town Council and Cefn Caer in Pennal to make this ceremony the central focus of a major ''Machynlleth Midsummer Glyndŵr Festival and Medieval Mobalization'', of a Teyrnas Glyndŵr Living History Re-enactment, of the Significant ''Sovereignty" event of establishing Senedd Glyndŵr and Prince Owain's Coronation as Owain IV 'Tywysog Cymru.

Incidentally, this event in history was an act carried out by a truly independently minded person and people - who had just fought four years of a national liberation Struggle, to make such possible without having the need, ever again, to grovel to English Kings for permission to do so, and certainly, to ensure that they would, never again, have the need to pay them in coin or wolf hides - as Hywel Dda had done in selling out our Nation's Sovereignty.
The sad fact is, that despite Hywel Dda's good work regards the Welsh laws, the whole was pretty much undermined during the following centuries as, by 1282, Anglo - Norman Law,
by force of conquest and colonization, had become the great reality. Such, further galvanized by the 1284 Statute of Rhuddlan, became England's Law for much of Wales thereafter.

Certainly, we need to take more of a revisionist look at Hywel Dda - as those who wrote Armes Prydain obviously did. However, for the moment, I shall turn my attention to the matter of history repeating itself - as I draw your attention to
the Assembly's Mr Presiding Officer 'English Lord' Dafydd Elis Tomas and the politics of his ''Anti Israeli Ambassador'' outburst re not wanting himself or anyone else to meet with the Ambassador. Then, a few days later, we witness D.E.T. greeting and groveling before Carlo the English Pretender ''Prince of Wales'' down at the Assembly. As if this, in itself, is not enough justification to reach for the sick bucket, I then read a report of the occasion of 'Carlo the Pretender's' visit in the Western Mail on June 27 2008 which stated that D.E.T. (obviously unable to contain his overwhelming eagerness to grovel to English royalty) announced that legislation passed by the Assembly, which last year gained new law making powers, would allow the Assembly to bear a special royal emblem showing the 'four lions' of the Princes of Wales. He grovelled on..." Not since the medieval period have laws been made in Wales bearing your historic title of Prince of Wales your highness'' ...grovel,grovel.

It's surprising how many Nationalists do not realise this, but not only did Edward I s
teal this Coat of Arms on Conquest of Gwynedd but, before chucking it over his shoulders to his eldest son, he had it blemished with the Crown of England to show their now total sovereignty over Cymru - and ever since, this emblem has been the emblem, in flag and badge form, of the English Pretender Princes of Wales. Thus, do you get it? they will always claim English Sovereignty over the ''Suckers Senedd'' and any pathetic laws it might pass with English permission and the treachery of D.E.T. until we seriously campaign for a REAL Senedd with REAL powers.

I therefore call upon Pobl Glyndŵr and all patriots to get serious about Sovereignty and stop supporting traitors who sell our nation short. Turn your back on English Pretender Princes and their Pretender Parliaments in Wales. It really is time for all true Pobl Glyndŵr to arise in struggle to restore Senedd Glyndŵr - Senedd Cenedl Cymru Rydd, such will never become a reality out of that Assembly in Bae Caerdydd, not as long as the likes of Dafydd Elis Tomos
with their Machiavellian strategies and self promoting motives are tolerated.

Siân Ifan.